I think I may have hit on what I want my funeral to look like

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  • Stan

    You’re going to need some bigger blades

    • Mark Shea

      or just hundreds and hundreds of little blades. Or if they mummify me, I will be a lot lighter. Flying mummy. That would be cool.

  • MJD

    CCC 2301.1: “Being taxidermied, perpindicularly skewered with space- age alloy rods and fitted with propellers for remote control flight is permissible so long as it is not done to obfuscate the understanding of Jesus’ ascension into heaven.”

  • trespinos

    Ah! This is just the ticket for a certain parish I know. An original California mission, they are plagued with pigeons who fly around inside the nave and … well, you know. It happened again at a Mass last month. Just before the dismissal, the deacon announced that the staff was still working on teaching the parish cat to fly. Deacon, you need to contact this video dude and order “een vliegende kat”!

    • Ted Seeber

      I had a farm cat growing up that would jump off the top of my dad’s 2 story high grape arbor and take down birds in mid flight.

      if I was those cows, I’d be scared of the dead flying cat too. Can you imagine losing that thing in the wind and some poor fraulein in the next county finding it in her washing? I hope the taxidermy is good enough to prevent rot!

  • Mark,

    The sense of dread which builds within one until it becomes clear that the cat is inanimate is petrifying.