My Friend Kirk Gillon…

My Friend Kirk Gillon… June 13, 2012

…was the Assistant Director on Manalive and lives in Savannah, GA. He writes:

I hope life is treating you well…
Cara and I recently had a baby boy about seven months ago.

As you know, Cara was an abandoned baby from the Vietnam War, part of the Operation Babylift evacuation in the final days of the war. Since having a baby, she wants to find her birth mother… realizing now that she was abandoned in order to save her life during a war.

We have launched a search for her birth mother and are producing a film about the search and Cara’s journey. Please go to Kickstarter to see our project. Please support us. We have 17 days left.

We will be DNA testing birth mother’s this fall in the village where Cara was abandoned. We also will be testing other birth mothers/possible siblings, we have 54 to test so far and expect around 300 to test. The results will be put into a database in order to help connect other adoptees searching for families as well… there were over 3000 children evacuated with the baby lifts alone. This has become a huge project… and we really need your participation. We have 17 days to go.

Also, Cara’s story was featured on NBC News a few weeks ago, on Mother’s Day. That link is on Kickstarter as well. The link to our film’s website is here.

Please share this email/link with your friends. Send a BLAST to everyone!

This is going to be an incredible journey, we hope you will get onboard!

Cara and I chatted several times and she talked about visiting her friends in Seattle. But it wasn’t until I got back to Seattle after the shoot and was gabbing with Jan’s sis and bro-in-law, Michael, that I realized the Cara they knew in Savannah was the same Cara I knew and that she had, in fact, been adopted by a family very close to Michael. Cara was as astonished as I was. Synchronicity.

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