Meditations on the Rosary

The Transfiguration

"The involvement in the case of religious fanatics who have threatened hospital staff and suggested ..."

How I spent the an afternoon ..."
"There's no "treatment" to be had either in the UK or Rome or anywhere else. ..."

How I spent the an afternoon ..."
""When I tell you I don’t know enough about something to have an opinion, believe ..."

How I spent the an afternoon ..."
"The controversy is not over the doctors' decision, but once again the hospital, and the ..."

How I spent the an afternoon ..."

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  • Christopher Beevers

    Hi Mark, hope that this message finds you well. It seems to me there are many reasons for adapting the Rosary to one’s own needs. Hence there will always be many variants, the Clergy, it seems can be relied upon to ensure all the variants are ‘fair comment’, chris.