Memo to the “Church Hates Nuns…

…Who Serve the Poor” Crowd

Um, no:

What the Church is doing is not hating on nuns who serve the poor. The Church is reining in nuns who are no longer Catholic from oppressing nuns who are and from poisoning the faith of people subjected to their loony quackery, goddess worship, Marxist theory masquerading as orthodoxy, bizarre sexual experimentation, substitution of Rogerian psychobabble for the Tradition, and naked hostility to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nuns are supposed to be Catholic. Works of mercy are Catholic and, not surprisingly, there is no objection to them from Rome. Goddess worship, however, is not Catholic and it is this, among other things, the Church objects to. Somehow, the media never quite gets that.

Oh yeah, and man hatred is also not Catholic. Nor are healthy nuns on board with these relics of Woodstock who are clinging to power like aging Soviets.

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  • Laura Kazlas

    Weeds in the wheat.

    • Chris M

      In this case, it’s the weeds leading the wheat. and strangling them.

  • I suspect that many people on the “Vatican Hates Nuns Who Serve the Poor” bandwagon are repeating and inventing falsehoods according to the “too true to check” principle.

    As for those who belong to or work with the LCWR, and therefore must know that “the LCWR” does not mean “all American religious sisters,” I have no idea what’s going on in their heads. They can’t not know they’re repeating and inventing falsehoods, right? And yet, after decades of self-indoctrination… maybe they can.

    • “As for those who belong to or work with the LCWR, and therefore must know that ‘the LCWR’ does not mean ‘all American religious sisters,’ I have no idea what’s going on in their heads.”

      Oh, that’s easy, Tom. Fundraising brochures are much more effective when they include pics of elderly, habited nuns. Of course, what the donors don’t know is that a large percentage of their donation to “Sr. Mary of the Five Wounds of Christ” is going to a mujerista collective in L.A. where it will be used to purchase print ads calling for same-sex “marriage.” A reasonable diversion given that the Church is for “social justice,” or something.

      Fr. Philip Neri, OP

    • Ted Seeber

      The one that startled me, is that I was buying the claim that the LCWR smackdown was about support for Obama, when in reality it was just a report from an investigation started in 2007, that stemmed from an investigation in 2003, that stemmed from complaints in the 1980s and 1990s.

      Obama wasn’t even in college yet when the church started looking into this.

      • Spastic Hedgehog

        Shhhhh! That doesn’t fit the NYTimes narrative!

  • Chris M

    “Somehow, the media never quite gets that.”
    I think they get it just fine. They just don’t care and will use whatever club they can to beat down the Church so long as it says “no” to same-sex acts, abortion, divorce, religious pluralism, etc. They will not stop until the Catholic Church becomes the Episcopal Church.

  • keddaw

    It’s funny how when people try to say that Catholics who use contraception, don’t believe in literal transubstantiation and even some who don’t think it matter if Jesus was resurrected, shouldn’t be called Catholics there is usually a furore as the church tries to shore up its numbers and hence its ability to speak for those people, yet you get to call these nuns not Catholics… If they really are not Catholic then the Church has no authority over them and should leave them alone.

    • Mark Shea

      People who deny the Resurrection are not Catholic. Nuns who deny the Resurrection are not Catholic. Rome’s job is, in part, to say what is and is not Catholic. Afraid I’m not seeing the contradiction. But thanks for playing.

    • Ted Seeber

      What got me was when people dug into that study, and found out the sample size of Catholic Women who don’t use contraception was women who admitted to having premarital sex.

      In other words- “98% of Catholic Women who were never taught about chastity use contraception! Film at 11!”

  • You just start with the assumption that theology does not matter. That the real issue must be something else. Politics, sexism, money, anything else. If you start there then a lot of what the media does makes sense.

  • thomas tucker

    Now wait a minute, weren’t you posting just the other day that none of are Catholic??? 🙂

    • Mark Shea

      Not by the standards of combox rigorists and Inquisitors. 🙂

  • Mark R

    Nuns have never been at the top of my list. Never have I cared for the radical ones especially. The “normal” ones seem to me that they would be happier if they were married with kids. If “radical” orders are in such decline, why kick them in the proverbial groin right now? This is something that wiser-in-mere-human-management-than-the- Catholic-Church- hierarchy would do well just to leave alone and the problem will take care of itself.

    • beccolina

      You need to meet the nuns in Prayertown in Channing, TX. A more joyful group of people I’ve never met.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Persons who obstinately persist in denying one or more truths of the Catholic faith, even after learning what the Church teaches and receiving admonitions, and who claim, not that they fall from what they know to be the truth through evil habit or other weakness, but who claim to know better than the Church what Christ thought or said or did or intended and who insist, and obstinately insist, not that they cannot live up to what the Church teaches although they endeavor to do so, but that the Church is wrong in what she teaches on even one point, and that it is would be fruitless to endeavor to live up to that point, are indeed heretics.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Furthermore, men and women of honor, when they cease to believe what the organization they belong to believes and teaches, have the integrity and the self-respect to turn in their badges and their guns and resign, or to turn in their habits and the keys to the copy machine and leave the Order, as the case may be.

    I accord a certain amount of respect to the character of even a heretic who behaves as a man or woman of honor.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Men and women in religious orders, who once vowed to serve the Church, but who now serve the Prince of Lies instead, are much like the functionaries of the Vichy government during the Nazi occupation of France: Collaborators wo pretend to be loyal to the homeland, but who instead are working with and for the enemy, and have put the offices, the authority, and the prestige of their native state in the service of the invader.

  • Spastic Hedgehog

    I think the most frustrating thing about this whole shebang is how many people I’ve talked to who are ready to “smash the oppressive patriarchy!” without actually reading what the report says. Not that any media outlet reported what the report actually contained as that doesn’t fit the current “Rome is Patriarchal and Out of Touch” narrative nor does it render a juicy controversy to cover.

    • Mark H.

      Exactly. From the article and others I’ve read, it seems as if the authors are simply recycling headlines and quotes from other articles. They don’t reference what was actually in the report. I don’t know if it’s because they’re too lazy, or if they have read the report but the facts don’t fit their agenda.
      They’re Catholic nuns. They were publicly expressing views that are against Church teaching, and they are accountable to the Vatican, as are dissenting priests and bishops. What’s so surprising about the fact that they were called to account?

  • This investigation has been going on for a long time. Read John Allen’s interview with Cardinal Levada on the Fishwrap website.

    If I, as a Catholic, am doing something that is out of step with Church teaching (which actually *did* happen after my re-birth), I appreciate the mentoring admonition and subsequent correction. What these nuns are doing is the equivalent of shooting a bird at the Holy Father.

  • alan capasso

    I liked the line “Maybe they prefer a smaller, “purer” church reminiscent of the Middle Ages”. Interesting that for the author smaller means all of Europe. At that point everything she said about history previously was at least thrown into doubt. As in all heresies you take one small truth (nuns are women) and make it the whole truth and it is easy to see how it can become us vs. them.

  • Andrew

    Anyone who doesn’t believe that there exists orders of nuns hostile to the Vatican surely didn’t go to Catholic school in the 1980’s. Amazed that I’m still Catholic after having to go through that, sad that many of my fellow students are no. Thankfully I live in a conservative area with good public schools.

  • JimPV

    A quote from the article:
    “Just look at the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, founded in 1804 to educate impoverished girls. When a bishop forbade them to expand their work, they refused to obey him and were kicked out of France. They relocated to Namur, Belgium, and went on to build schools in 17 countries — including Trinity College in Washington, D.C., which educated Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius.”


  • WesleyD

    Here’s an excellent interview with Cardinal Levada on the investigation of the LWCR:

    Only a nut could claim this man hates nuns.

  • cath2u

    Someone sent this to me, to prove something I guess. Such hostility! And a “vigil” to pray for the wayward religious–I find this nauseating, delusional, misleading….