A reader writes:

I have always found it interesting that Americans feel it perfectly logical to diet, or quit smoking or drinking, but cannot quite get their minds around the idea of celibacy.


In a related vein, I am inexorably reminded of Screwtape’s take on the commercial cult of sex that has been relentlessly fostered in the 20th and 21st centuries here in the West:

A man with an obsession is a man with very little sales resistance.

It must be a consolation to the demons, who feel no sexual temptation at all and who therefore must be bored to tears with the onerous task of trying to encourage it in us, to hear legions of us hairless bipeds bragging about our awesomely liberated sexuality and courageous independent minds, all while we herd ourselves like sheep into the vast pickpocket machine of Western Capitalism because some bootylicious babe tells us we need this widget in order to be a sexual turn on. Our culture of sexual addiction and enslavement, coupled with our endless yakkety yak about how nobody is going to take away our “freedom” must be one off the chief sources of hilarity in Screwtape’s staff meetings.

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