Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I need serious prayer support. Doctors have told my closest friend that their baby (5 months in uterus) will have severe deformities, although only two bones from leg are missing and all else is FINE!

Father, hear our prayer for that baby’s complete healing, for grace, wisdom and skill for the baby’s caregivers, and for grace, strength, hope and peace for his parents. Mother Mary, St. Joseph and St. Luke, pray for them. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

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  • emeka

    Pray with me for my conversion to be swift and successful in the state civil service.God hear ma prayers

  • Sharon

    The doctor probably doesn’t want to be sued for wrongful birth.

  • lavanya

    Dear brother..
    this is about by friend’s sickness request..
    her name is sudha..she is having a small baby boy 3 months and mother both are good..while coming to sudha sickness..she is not getting enough milk to produce for that baby..she suffering for that..and baby also having lack of weight problem..please for sudha health and baby health and pray to god to produce sufficient milk to that mother..bless them with your kind the name of jesus..

  • pooja hazari

    Thank for answering my prayer ,
    Today I request for praying for my visa
    I’m going to apply on 22/June/2012 , plz help me my husband and son go through uk visa
    Without any Hassall, on same day ,,, please prayer for us ….

  • carol

    I am lonely and hope to find someone nice to share life with.

  • priscilla

    Dear Lord please heal that sweet baby and put him back into good health Lord pleasealso be with the parent and keep them safe and showsvthem anything possible with you the Lord in there life and please be with there’s friend and family as well aman

  • Rathi

    Dear Brother,

    Enakum Abel kum God Oru Kulanthai Sugathoda jeevanoda Neenda Aayuloda koduka Pray pannunga pls

  • Esther

    God, I am praying for a husband who will be my love forever, prayer partner, father of our children, son in law to my Mom, brother in law to my brothers, friend to my friends. Please make us ready and eager to welcome and receive each other into our lives. I pray we meet in this next month so we can start living our God-filled lives together. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ our savior, Amen.