Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Would you please ask your readers to pray for me tomorrow (Monday) morning? My estranged husband and I are seeing a marriage counselor this morning. We are meeting to discuss reconciliation and whether it is possible that we can overcome our obstacles (my husband is doubtful). Please pray that truth, mercy, and love will predominate!

Father, hear my reader’s prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them that their marriage be completely healed to the glory of God’s Name and their everlasting happiness.

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  • Missy

    Everything is possible with God. Try It’s the best thing that happened to my husband & I.

  • Sherene

    Please pray that we will win our case with the tax administration and that we wont be forced to pay anymore money that we do not even have.

    That our unborn child will be a girl. And that she will be perfectly healthy and grow to honour Jesus all the days of her life. For amy sons Jay and Jordy to overcome their learning challenges.