Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Back in February/March I emailed you a prayer request for a friend whose 20 week ultrasound indicated that their baby had some issues with his heart and lungs, and had a cyst on his brain. They thought he might have Down Syndrome. This precious little boy was born on Saturday, 2 weeks early. They named him Joseph. And it seems he does have Down Syndrome. And has been transferred to a Children’s Hospital with heart and lung difficulties. And blood work has revealed some cells that shouldn’t be there. He may have leukemia. I’d like to ask your faithful readers to pray for baby Joseph and his family (parents & 5 older siblings, and loving extended family). These are such huge issues for such a little guy…

A month ago I also asked for prayers for our dear friends’ 13 year old daughter who was hit by a recycling truck while getting off her school bus. She survived the collision, but remains in a non-induced coma in hospital. She is showing some signs of healing – baby steps, but steps in the right direction. Please continue to pray that Lydia would be healed and restored, and for peace & strength for her family (parents & 2 younger brothers & extended family). God has been so faithful throughout this terrible nightmare – may he continue to be glorified as he continues his good work to its completion.

Father, hear our prayer for the healing of these two precious kids, for wisdom, skill and compassion for their caregivers and for grace, strength and peace for all who love them. We ask this through Jesus Christ. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for them.

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  • Br Clarence Wetegrove, CR

    I write to praise God. A few montths ago a friend asked for prater for my vocation which has been a fight with major health issues which now include dialysis and a heart attack two weeks ago. This Thursday, 21 June, I will be ordained to Transitional Diaconate! God is Great. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Sal

    Thank you for the update on Lydia. I will continue to pray for her and her family.
    The prayer requests are one of the best parts of your blog.

  • Beadgirl

    I will pray for them. And Mark, since you can see my email and because I have a son with D.S., if they would like to talk with someone who has had a similar experience, please let them know they can reach out to me if they want.

  • ivan_the_mad

    They have my prayers as well.

  • Barb

    As a mother of a son with Down Syndrome, I most certainly understand what these parents are going through with their little Joseph. I will keep them in my prayers! I feel certain it will get better for them.

  • I’ll pray for them tonight.

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