Dear Murder, Inc.

When you murder the wrong person there are still laws against that. May you be utterly destroyed and may salt be sown on the ground where your clinic once stood and holy water be sprinkled on that place to clean and purify and make fruitful what you and the demons who animate you have defiled.

In happier news, this miserable industry devoted to the worship of Kali has been ordered to tell the truth, a new and untried skill they will have to develop. May it taste like ashes in their mouths and bring about a spirit of repentance as they face the horrors they commit.

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  • Ted Seeber

    I’ve been thinking long and hard about the Stericycle scandal- and it seems to me the best thing any pro-choice demonstrator could do is figure out a way to insure for their local community that aborted children get a decent, public, and proper funeral and burial.

    Doing so would drive home the concept of life begins at conception, in a way that little else can.

  • bob

    Well, they’re around so no woman need ever die of a botched(illegal, backalley) abortion. Does that clarify things?

    • Ted Seeber

      No, because few women ever died in botched, illegal, backalley abortions, nor is there ever a need for a woman to do so in an age where cesarean birth is regular and normal.

  • bob

    I realize I forgot to add that there are very few “botched” abortions. All of them kill, some are just more successful at it and tragically kill more than one person.