I just think the world of Brandon Vogt

What a great big giant pure heart he has! He writes:

What if hundreds of people, each armed with a couple dollars, decided to make a difference?
What if they used new media to bring good books to people who need them?
What if they raised money, built a movement, and “left a dent in the universe”?

Well, we did that.

Our Africa eBook Project was a tremendous success:

In just nine hours, we reached our goal of $4,000, enough to provide 2,000 CDs for seminarians in Cameroon.

By the second day, we doubled that.goal.

The third day we tripled it.

By the end of the campaign, we gathered over $18,000.

This wouldn’t have happened without you, so thanks for joining the movement. Thank you for chipping in and being part of something huge. Pretty soon, seminarians all across Africa will be carrying digital libraries in their pockets, wherever they go, all because of you.

From me and from them, again, thanks so much!

PS. If you chose a perk when donating, you should expect it within the next few weeks.

PSS. The president of Lighthouse Catholic Media, the group making our CDs, was recently in Rome for a New Evangelization conference. While there, he had the great pleasure of speaking with Francis Cardinal Arinze and during their chat brought up our Africa eBook Project. Cardinal Arinze was thrilled and “absolutely LIT UP,” saying “we MUST bring this to Nigeria! The seminarians *need* this!” We’ve already agreed to cover all the seminarians in Cameroon and Uganda, and it looks like Nigeria may be next.

Grace and peace!

Your brother,

Love that guy! God bless him!

PS. He also writes:

Here’s another great job opening for you or someone you know. The USCCB is looking for a “Social Media Specialist” to run all of their new media work. Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, Director of Media Relations, asked me to circulate the opening to all my tech-savvy friends, so here you go.

The position is almost too good to be true: you get to do social media for your job *and* serve the Church.

I live in the wrong Washington for this, but if you, Gentle Reader, want to give it a shot, go for it!

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