Prayer Request

A reader writes:

–Prayers for the repose of the soul of Tyler Peltier , a former fellow student worker in the Franciscan University PR office.
He died really unexpectedly and quite young right before he was supposed to head off for missionary work in Africa.
–For the repose of the soul of Matt Fazzari , a fellow Zag. He was a serious Catholic, and died way too young.
–For the repose of the soul of Evelyn Paullin, the grandmother of a friend.
–For a friend’s mother who will be undergoing surgery to remove a lump from her neck this Saturday.

Father, grant eternal rest and to your children Tyler, Matt, and Evelyn, and healing to my reader’s friend, and grace, peace and strength to all who love them through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for them.

Another reader writes from Everett 40DFL:

Please pray for Cliff & Christa Spjut, a couple of our dedicated prayer volunteers. Cliff has a surgery last Wednesday, but having infections.

Father, hear our prayer for Cliff’s complete healing and for grace, peace, and strength for all who love him through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for them.

Another reader writes:

Please pray for my mother who has contracted cardiovascular problems. Sadly, she is only one among many in our family, which has a history of heart disease.

Father, hear our prayer for her complete healing, and for your healing and for the cultivation of healthy habits for the whole family, through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for them.

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Prayer Requests
Prayer Request
Prayer Request
  • Kathy

    Dear Marc, this is a prayer request of sorts. I ran across this blog as I was looking for some followup on Marc Barnes part of an article in the “Our Sunday Visitor” newspaper. My prayer is that some of your readers would enjoy some spiritual sci-fi reading and that God would use “Fighting with Angels” to stir the hearts of some young people to think of Him more often!

    Please visit!/pages/Fighting-with-Angels/122744651086552

    I know Jonathan would appreciate your feedback.
    thank you,
    West Bend, WI

  • Matthew Kennel

    Mark – Thanks so much for posting this. Tyler was a friend and a household brother of mine, and was a wonderful human being and a great Catholic. He will be missed! May God have mercy on his soul and on his family!