Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I have a prayer request that came through a friend of mine. Her daughter is pregnant, and during her 3rd trimester, the baby was diagnosed with achondroplasia, more commonly known as dwarfism. The family is heartbroken about this, and there has been much talk about choosing to abort if they had known about this condition before the 3rd trimester. She is afraid she will not grow to love her baby because she won’t be perfect, and the 2 little girls in the family are afraid their “dwarf sister” will be made fun of and won’t have any friends.

They have asked for people to pray for them! Mom is due to have a C-section in August because there are complications giving birth to kids with achondroplasia because of the size of the head.
There is a lot of fear here and they will need a lot of support. Please ask Our Lady to intercede for them.

Father, hear our prayer for this beautiful baby and for her mother that she would choose life for her. Grant her health, happiness, love and long life by the intercession of Mother Mary. Give her a family that welcomes and loves her into a grace-filled and full life and discovers your joy and hope in doing so. We ask all this through Christ our Lord.

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  • Ted Seeber

    I live near Roloff Farms- made famous on the TLC Series “Little People, Big World”. Believe me, achondroplasia is not the worst disability you can have. Please let the family know that this form of dwarfism is simply NOT that big of deal. Please pass this information back up the chain- and have them check out this webpage:

    Matt also runs a charity that I’ve given to in the past.

  • Mark Shea

    To the reader whose comment I deleted and to all similarly inclined people:

    Prayer requests are for prayer, not for adjudicating the moral worth of people in desperate crisis situations or the moral worth of their children. Pray. Period. Nobody needs your frowning commentary on struggling people. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    • Ted Seeber

      Luke 18:11 is a great temptation for many people.

  • HBanan

    Thanks for deleting — I got back from the store & was hoping you already had so I wouldn’t have to write in and ask you to.

    • Mark Shea

      Thanks for understanding.

  • melissa

    Many prayers for this couple as they face their fears about this child. May God grant them wisdom and peace in the midst of their fears. I know you are asking for only prayers, but I hope this might be of some help and comfort to the couple. One of my friends has a daughter who has achondroplasia. The daughter just turned 22. Her parents and younger brother and sister love her dearly, she just graduated from college and has a job in public relations with an NFL team where she is successful and well liked, she has many friends who love her and treat her no differently than anyone else, and she loves her life. Yes, she has had some medical issues to deal with in her life, but so do many other people who were born “completely healthy.” Please share this information with them if you think it might help in any way to ease their fears.

  • Julie

    We have a dwarf who lives in our area who is an awesome guy, is Catholic, goes to church, is involved in many civic organizations and has a good job with the city. This little girl not yet born might also have an awesome personality and I think probably with the aforementioned guy, family support and love made a lot of difference. Prayers! She needs them and I am giving them to her.