Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I hate to trouble you again after sending you a number of prayer requests in the past, but my mom is having severe back trouble and is in a terrific amount of pain. She can’t sit, stand, walk, or lie down comfortably, so she’s just moving from one to the other in an attempt to get some relief.

Father hear our prayer for her relief from pain and her swift and complete healing, to the glory of your Name through Christ our Lord. Grant her grace and strength to offer this suffering to your through Christ crucified and give her caregivers wisdom and skill. Mother Mary, pray for her.

Prayer Request and Work of Mercy
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Prayer Request and a Work of Mercy
Prayer Requests and Works of Mercy
  • Zippy

    St. Gemma, please intercede for her.

  • Kevin

    That a stay is granted by the lower court.

    That the Ohio Supreme court accept jurisdiction of my case for appeal.

  • emeka

    Help pray for me to secure a job am pursuing, God hear my prayers!

  • Januario Ortega

    I pray that Jesus opens the doors of heaven for Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Gabriela Almanza, Everardo Lopez, Obedo Gamino, Juan Garcia Sr., Felix Ortega, Cesar Campos, Everardo, Mohammed, Rene Torres, Willie, Michael Jackson, Valentin Elizalde, Sergio Vega, Janney Rivera, Ghandi, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Mason, John Wayne Gacy, Budha, Whitney Houston, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Harry Carabina Sr. Harry Carabina Jr., Ron Santo, Pat Summerall, John Brickhouse, Walter Payton, Christopher Farley, Elvis Presley, Diana Frances and to their family, relatives, friends and people they seen on newspapers, television and internet.

    I pray for the conversion, spiritual, humane growth and the unity of the following families to the Catholic Church, the Almanza, Campuzano, Cruz, Jackson, Elizalde, Vega, Rivera, Taylor, Campos, Romero, Salgado, Sanchez, Perea, Saucedo, Garcia, Gamino, Lopez, Houston, Stalin, Mussolini, Carabina, Santo, Summerall, Brickhouse, Payton, Farley, Presley, Frances, Sanchez, Ghandi, Bundy, Dahmer, Mason, Gacy, Fonda, Gomez, Zarate, Vargas, Gonzales, Chao, Monroe, Kahlo and the Ortega family and their families, relatives, friends and people they saw on newspapers, television and internet.

    I pray for the unity of Octavio Almanza Sr. and Consuelo Ortega. I pray for the separation of Eustorgio Ortega and Guadalupe Ortega. I pray for the unity of Guadalupe Ortega and Ignacio Campuzano Sr. Jesus please increase their affection towards each other including my parents affection towards themselves.

    I ask for the conversion, spiritual and humane growth of all the girls I had sexual intercouse and hand an interest in. Jesus please united them to the Catholic church and their families, relatives and friends. In addition, open the gates of heaven to their families, relatives and friends.

    I ask that Jesus opens the gates of heaven to the the past and present sexual partners of all my family, relatives, friends and people they saw on television, newspapers and internet and to those they had an interest in.

    Jesus please open the doors of heaven to my abuelitos, bisabuelos y tatarabuelos y sus familiares, relatives, amistades, conocidos y personas que aigan visto.

  • Scarlet

    I pray that the Lord restore balance and relationships in my life. I am not that old. It may not be life/death but it is nonetheless VERY painful & very deep. I feel so useless. I need to find my place in the son & to re-friend my relationships. Please help. Thank you so much.