Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

A reader writes:

My sister recently was one of the victims of an armed robbery in South Africa. Her friend was injured but she was fine. I’m just asking for prayers that she’s safe for the rest of the time abroad, that the friend recovers fully, and that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Father, hear our prayer through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for all concerned.

Another reader writes:

Could you ask your readers to pray for my daughter-in-law’s dad? He has been fighting throat cancer for years and has now been diagnosed as terminal after his chemo stopped working.

My daughter-in-law and son have been married for a year and are expecting their first child–a boy–who will be named after her dad. Please pray for their faith through this; she is Christian, he is a fallen-away Catholic/atheist.

Father, hear our prayer that this trial will issue in your glory and the good of every person involved through your perfect will in Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for this new child, his family and for this man at the hour of his death. Amen.

Another reader writes:

My friend’s 12-year-old son, Johnny, who was in an induced coma because of a meningitis-like illness, has woken up after several weeks! This is not a you-can-stop-praying-now notice, but thank you so much for all the prayers–let’s pray him all the way back to health.

Father, thank you through Jesus Christ our Lord for this progress. We ask that you would grant him complete healing through the same Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for him and all who love him. Venerable Fulton Sheen, pray for his complete healing. Amen.

Another reader writes:

Thanks for posting my prayer request concerning my nephew Benedict. I am pleased to report that he does not have cystic fibrosis, just an infection that some antibiotics will take care of. Thanks to all those who remembered him in prayer! God is so good!

Thanks be to you Father, through your Son Jesus Christ!

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  • Dee

    Oh Great God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, there is none greater than you and Praise your name in the name of your son Jesus Christ who sits gloriously at your right hand in Heaven. God has been so good to me; especially lately. This past week I was informed that my supervisor whom I have been working with for the past four and a half months is being promoted and transferred to another office. And while I’m terribly saddened that she’s leaving, I know in my heart that no one is more deserving of a promotion than she is. Additionally, she was expected to leave on a business trip for two weeks before she takes up her new position. This further compounded my distress as I am still new to my job and desperately need all the coaching and advice and training I could possibly glean from her before she leaves. So I took my cares and fears to my God who performs all things for me and asked for his help according to his wisdom (I didn’t even know what to ask for specifically); and my Redeemer delivered. It wasn’t a day later management decided that my supervisor should cancel the trip to tie up loose ends in the office before she leaves. Hallelujah! Praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Only he knows how much I need this extra training time. And so, I just want to lift up and exalt my most Holy, most Awesome and most Excellent most High God in the name of his son Jesus Christ for his loving kindness towards me. He is the limitless source of my hope and strength. His wisdom, mercy and loving kindness towards me are beyond all comparison and no person or situation is greater than him. All Glory, honour and power are his. Hosanna in the Highest!