Weather is not Climate…

…except when it is.

The great thing about climate change belief, like many religious systems, is that everything proves it and nothing disproves it. When you have record cold somewhere, the climate change believer says a) that “weather is not climate” (in other words, this is just a statistical blip and doesn’t detract from the overall Big Picture of Global Warming) and b) this extreme cold is actually *proof* of… um… Climate Extremes which are but one more manifestation of Climate Change and Global Climate Disruption. In which case very cold winters are *not* merely “weather” but are, in fact, evidence of the Big Picture of Climate Change.

Similarly, of course, it goes without saying that when it gets hot in the summer, that’s not weather, that’s climate change and more proof that you are a fool if you question the “heads we win, tails you lose” arguments of the Climate Change Faith Community.

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