A stunning and wholly unexpected development!

Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals

Claim unfair to be stigmatized for sexual orientation

I, for one, am gobsmacked.  This is a turn of events as shocking as the time I let go of a hammer and it fell to the ground!  Or when I leapt into Lake Ballinger and, to my everlasting amazement, I got wet!   It’s as unexpected as the time I touched a burning match to some tinder-dry paper and the paper caught fire!  We live in a world full of unforeseen wonders.

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  • jeff

    Slippery slope? What slippery slope?

  • Blog Goliard

    You’re a hateful bigot for saying that X is coming…right up until the moment it arrives.

    Then you’re a hateful bigot for not celebrating X.

  • MarylandBill

    Reading the article, the logic seems to go something like this. We can’t cure X, so lets redefine X as being normal.

    Thank goodness the rest of the medical profession doesn’t work like this.

    Honestly though, I expect polygamy will be accepted before pedophilia will.

  • Steve T.

    But if this ever comes to pass, what ever will the chattering classes use to bash the Catholic Church? You know, the standard reflexive trope of “yeah? Well your priests @#$% little boys.”

    I suppose that there will be careful distinctions drawn between penetration by an irreligious penis (liberating and affirming) and penetration by an religious penis (soul-crushing and horrifically damagting).

    But in no case will the desire of adult men to have sex with post-pubescent but underage boys have anything to do with homosexuality. Move along, nothing to see here.

    • MarylandBill

      Don’t worry about those who wish to bash the Catholic Church. I have no doubt that they will find something else.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Simple. The Church will be criticized for condemning pedophilia next.

  • thomas tucker

    I stand in slack-jawed amazement at this development.
    It makes me wonder what would happen if I ran full force
    into a brick wall.
    And it makes me want to find out.

  • Does this mean there actually was no priest sex scandal? The Church is exonerated?

  • DTMcCameron

    The question becomes, should the minor cheat on the elder, would it still be considered adultery?

    I too envision polygamy as seeing approval before this, with incest just slightly after the first. I can’t decided if animals or robots come next.

    • The rest of the medical profession doesn’t work like this?

      Robots, the Japanese are way ahead of us.

      • Disregard that first sentence, I’m not sure how it got there.

  • Sandra Miesel

    And necrophilia not far behind. . . . Once people with certain tastes manage to get themselves regarded as a “sexual minority,” it’s all over but the orgasms.

    Note the growing use of language to describe “non-traditional” unions as “the right to marry the one you love” which could apply to anything and everything.

    • Adolfo

      Interesting observation, Sandra. There’s a play written by John Mighton called “Body and Soul” that speculates about the future of sexuality in the internet/virtual reality age and makes just that comparison. Really interesting work.

  • Blog Goliard

    It seems that the most important secular dogmatism of our day is the insistence of an absolute untrammeled right (nay, duty!) to continually indulge every single sexual impulse one might possibly have.

    The real fun comes when this dogma starts more obviously butting up against the dogma of freedom of choice, i.e. consent. Which it is here, of course…though they’ll keep lowering the bar to try to obscure this. Because how is it fair to deny me the right to marry/sleep with whomever I want, simply because that person may not be inclined to reciprocate my affections? (Or may not be old enough to, according to the general understanding of things until about fifteen minutes ago, either truly consent or not consent.) Do we all have the right to love and marry whomever we want, or don’t we?

    Or is it only when two people form a duad of erotic desire that they acquire full sexual rights and autonomy, and their rights to what they say they want become unassailable? (Actually, if they could make that thought hold together, it might help hold polygamy at bay a bit longer.)

  • Rachel K

    Some of these actually make sense to me. For instance, protecting pedophiles from hate crimes seems to be a common-sense way of making sure a pedophile doesn’t serve his time, come out of prison with a solemn vow to the Lord to change his ways and never touch a child again, and then get beaten to death on his way home from work. (Let’s face it; a lot of us would be tempted to beat the living crap out of a pedophile if we got the chance, even if our kids weren’t the victims, but that’s mob justice and no good for anyone.) I can also understand the logic behind having mental health professionals use the phrase “minor-attracted people.” “Pedophile” is a hideous word associated with horrific crimes, and someone who realizes that they’re struggling to quash an attraction to children isn’t going to want to see a mental health professional and get slapped with that label. I think using a different term would make people who are tempted to pedophilia more likely to seek help. A lot of this other stuff, though . . . yeah.

    (Full disclosure: I have a friend who’s a convicted sex offender. The first time I heard about the whole “minor-attracted persons” thing, I wondered if he would have been more likely to seek help if he wouldn’t be slapped with the “pedophile” label. And because I know he’s laid this sin at the feet of the Lord and is doing everything he can to cut it from his life, I really don’t relish the idea of someone recognizing his face from the local news stories about him and beating him to death as soon as he gets out of prison._

    • Blog Goliard

      Language games won’t do any good in the long run. Whatever new term you adopt will soon become just as stigmatized as the old term. (Just look at the long history of words for…er…”mentally challenged” people.)

      In other words: Eric Blair is not impressed with your argument.

      • Rachel K

        That’s fair. I’m just saying that I can appreciate what the people behind “minor-attracted person” were trying to do, and that it isn’t automatically a sign that they want to de-stigmatize the actual act of molestation (although groups like NAMBLA didn’t help by jumping for joy and saying it was the best idea ever). I really wish there was some way to de-stigmatize seeking help for this problem without legitimizing pedophilia, and I can see why they thought this was a step in the right direction. (Of course, the root of the problem is that we need to de-stigmatize mental illness in general, but that’s a whole different rant.)

        • EBS

          I get your point but whole heartedly disagree with it.
          I don’t think it should be made easy for a “sex offender” to rehabilitate and move on. To actually get to the point in your life where you can harm a child like this is complete abuse of free will, misued in the most horrific of ways, and should be a lifetime punishment like murder.
          Yes God judges all of us and forgives all of us with contrite hearts, but I am not God, and my gutt tells me I can never trust a “sex offender”, even if he/she made amends with the most amazing acts of giving and sacrifice.
          Besides, the victim lives with it forever, even if the offender doesn’t, and I know that when I have done wrong I hold the burden of it, suffer the shame and guilt and don’t expect to live as though I’m not guilty if it.
          Paedopilia is a horrid shameful act and should be stigmatized as such, and naturally the perpetrators suffer the consequences of this stigma. It’s the only way to ensure it’s kept WRONG in the eyes of society. It robs a child of his/her innocence, and you can’t reverse this. Ever!

          It is such a slippery slope when compassion, in the area of sex abuse, is muddled together with acceptance. I don’t think society or mankind, in general, is capable of it. This is what I believe.
          With all due respect to you as a good person, I have compassion for your friends VICTIM Rachael K, but none for your sex offender friend.

        • Part of the serious problem we have with regards to decline of civilization is that we have allowed radicals (anarchists, really) to empty language of meaning. Arguably, this process has been aided by relativistic philosophy.

          We could go the route of further dumbing down language, which would simply enable the avoidance of hard realities and allow bad men to exploit our naïveté, as pedophiles did when the Church bought into the pop psychology of the 1970s and 80s which saw pedophiles as reformable. Or, we can reclaim language and address reality with precision and objectivity. Let’s not allow ourselves to be conned by neologisms or newspeak, but rather let’s invest our time and energy promoting etymology, employing common sense and engaging in forthright communication that exposes dangerous behaviour.

    • keddaw

      Pretty sure beating someone to death is already illegal and it serves no purpose to use hate crime legislation to prosecute a killer. In fact, hate crime legislation serves no useful purpose at all, but that’s an argument for a different day.

  • Kurt

    Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals. Conservatives want criminal sanctions against pedophiles and homosexuals. No news here.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Conservatives want criminal sanctions …homosexuals.

      Citation needed.

      • Will

        Not to mention the “Megan’s Law” measures which effectively say “You’ve ‘finished’ you sentence, we’re ‘releasing’ you… but we are going to make it impossible for you to live anywhere.” If that is not “cruel and unusual punishment”, I can not think what is.

      • Kurt

        Montana and Texsa Republican Party platforms. Testimony of conservative groups at committee hearings on repeal of state laws criminalizing homsexuality. All public records.

        • Mark Shea

          Andy: I think this answer is translated, “Oh. You know. Everything!”

  • keddaw

    I didn’t see anywhere in that ‘article’ where the sexual abuse of children was condoned or in any way viewed as forgiveable…

    I also thought that when someone had served their sentence their debt to society had been repaid and if they were still a danger then they should not be released?