Help for Catholics Oppressed by the HHS Mandate

A reader writes:

A month or so ago, you posted a question posted by the owner of a business who was perplexed about how to respond to the HHS Mandate.

I’m in the same boat and have done quite a bit of digging to see what can be done.
The best practical information I’ve found is at the National Catholic Bioethics Center.
Specifically, they have a paper for Catholic business owners here. John Haas, the Director at NCBC, is no amateur.

I don’t have the reader’s email but was hoping that you wouldn’t mind passing that link on to him.

I can imagine that there are a number of small business owners who feel that they are too small to oppose the mandate, and being a “secular” company feel that they have no grounds for conscience objections, (legally anyway). I hope this is encouraging.

My readers are so wonderful!

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  • You are not oppressed or anything. Look, what you are doing is like denying charity to the needy. Why? Because the needy might as well use that money for sinful purposes. Another perfect analogy is not even giving salaries because the employees might as well be using that money for whatever they want, including sinning. Are you going to deny giving a salary to a female teacher in a Catholic High School just because she might use it to buy condoms and birth control pills? Seriously, I swear to God Most High that this whole thing is so ridiculous and silly. Another solution, just handover the institutions to the state. Or is that too socialist for your taste? (wow that rhymed) Anyway, I can’t believe that people buy into this religious freedom canard, when it is not about that; it’s just about not wanting to spend more money.

    • Ted Seeber

      When I do charity to the needy, it is always in the form of actual goods and services that I believe will help them, not in the form of poison to destroy their normal bodily functioning because it happens to be inconvenient.