My Kids Are So Cool

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Cow Shea
I was standing outside the library at school texting. I looked to my left to see a white-haired man of about 60 or 70 years, also texting. We were both wearing the same sandals, khaki shorts, and exact same blue shirt. We both laughed in the same way as we both realized what was happening, then we both got weirded out, both tried to escape into the library, both stopped so we didn’t follow each other, both went in anyway, and both tried to go in opposite directions, meeting each other at the other end of the building.
    • Sean Shea

      It’s you from the future. He’s here to warn you about the impending Texting-Zombie Apocalypse. Unfortunately he was infected before his “time-transit.” Because of this he will cause the very thing he wanted to avoid. Cow, you are Patient Zero. Soon, everyone in our generation will be infected. We will all turn into shuffling, cyber-social creatures. Restricted to moaned utterings of  “LOL” and, “ROFLSAURUSCOPTER.” The end is nigh.
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  • bob cratchit

    Haha…cute! You do have drollish children.

    • Cow Shea

      Sometimes trollish.

  • leahlibresco

    You’re raising them right.

    • Cow Shea

      As Dad always said when we were growing up: “One joke a day keeps you from getting locked in the scorpion closet!”

  • KML

    Just make sure your mother doesn’t fall in love with you, Calvin Klein.

    • Cow Shea

      Haha! Will do, Doc.

  • enness

    Is there also a Two Shea? (Heh.)