Once you have picked your Veep candidate to fire up a listless base

The next phase is to then compare him to the Veep of the other guy and, in sundry ways, say of Other Team Veep, “Get a load of him! What a maroon! Yay our Team!”

This was, for instance, the function of the famous “I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. You are no Jack Kennedy” smackdown between whatshisface and Dan Quayle back in ’88 (the only line people remember out of the whole Veep debate, though,as is obvious, whatshisface failed to make the impression necessary to win).

Happily, Joe Biden makes this process extremely easy for Team Romney:

Obama campaign: 'We have no problem with those comments'... ROMNEY camp: 'New low'... VIDEO: Biden Imitates Sign Language Lady... Giuliani Wonders Whether Biden Has 'Mental Capacity' for Presidency... VP says 'We can win North Carolina' -- while campaigning in Virginia...

The man is a human fountain of gaffes and demagoguery.

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  • Nate

    It makes it easy for Team Mitt (“The next president–I mean vice president–of the United States!”) Romney if you are, like those on Team Romney, confirming a bias. This stuff is just silly, otherwise.
    The sign language thing was just funny and cute. Only a bourgeois white liberal who went to one of the Seven Sisters would be offended by it or even notice it.

    The ‘they’ll put you in chains’ comment was really not that bad. Obviously it was hyperbolic, and a poor play on words. But certainly not anything to plaster on Drudge. Unless you’re Drudge.
    The North Carolina thing was pretty funny. Not as bad as Romney announcing Ryan as the next president, but a cute gaffe. But man, I worry that we, as a culture, have decided that Biden is Gaffe Man, and then have confirmed our biases accordingly.

    I wish Biden were on my team. I like the guy and he makes me laugh to beat the band. Consider how desperately robotic Romney is. Biden by contrast….

  • Nick R

    So, my fiance has this crazy theory about Biden that he’s actually quite smart, and being a gaffe-prone stooge is actually his job in the Obama administration.
    In doing it, he 1, make Obama look suave, collected, and in control, and 2, frequently distracts media attention from whatever Obama doesn’t want them looking at at the moment. (or lay ground for Obama such as with his gay remark)
    Sure, it’s possibly just a crazy conspiracy theory, but it’s really fun to hear about his gaffes and think about how they could be useful to the administration.
    Also, from a political POV, Obama is young and healthy enough that few people are concerned about Biden actually becoming president.

    • Mark Shea

      Nah. Biden’s been a gaffe-prone goofball since forever. There’s something kind of likeable about his inability to keep his foot out of his mouth, coupled with his immense estimation of himself. He’s like a character out of Dickens. But yeah, he does make Obama look like Einstein.

  • Irenist

    Other than his absolutely horrid social views, I find Biden sorta likeable. But yeah, he really is the gaffe-o-matic.