Prayer Request

A reader asks for prayers for a rocky marriage and for wisdom and guidance on how to keep the children safe and heal the relationship.

Father, hear our prayer that your perfect will be done here.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for this family that they would grow in love, healing, and friendship.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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  • On the prayers: most definitely.

    On the other request, I’m hesitant to post this here, but what the heck, I’ll do it anyway. Throw it away if you don’t like it, it doesn’t resonate with the situation — whatever. Posting the link does not imply endorsement the content, comboxes tend to be very NSFW, etc, but there are some interesting perspectives out there on Christian marriage that I think cannot be discounted. That particular one is a five-post series that might help identify what is going wrong.

    In general I suspect that one should read up on what marriage counselors say, what self-help books say, what Oprah says, what evangelical pastors say, collect all that advice together, and very strongly consider doing the opposite.

  • Tim Jones

    “In general I suspect that one should read up on what marriage counselors say, what self-help books say, what Oprah says, what evangelical pastors say, collect all that advice together, and very strongly consider doing the opposite.”

    Wow. Can I pass this on, pleeeeeease?

  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    Prayers going up.

  • Help yourself, Tim.

  • Sherri

    Lord Jesus please bring Justin a great job soon as his unemployment will run out soon. Please help Justin and I (Sherri) pay the debts we are in. Please send a quick financial blessing miracle, Dear Jesus. In Jesus’ Name, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Thy Will Be Done. Amen.

    • I had my blood vain burst open in my brain in 08.I`ve recovered well and got to the faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost in 09-10! I`ve been alone for the most part of my life.I`ve had and still have friends but the woman is missing from my life still.I ask you to pray and thank fot that I`ve recoveres so well and also that I could find a woman I could marry!My bro has been in the faith from 90`s.He is a gospelmusician and his wife is almost a lutheran priest.My bro had the same disease as I in 11.He had it worse.I am thankful that I can move and speak as I did before.My bro lost almost his speech and movement in his right side.He can walk indoors and outdoors he has to use a stick for aiding him.I ask you to pray for my bro to get better and strenght and courage to his family!Next thing I ask your prayers is for my parents.My dad doesnt believe to the Christ.He is a freemason.I did show my folks a show from Christina tv-channel where former freemason did tell how he did get to the faith in the Holy Trinity and resigned from it and got to the course for the people who have just recently got in the faith to the Holy Trinity.My dad did think a bit but he phoned to my moms bro who is also a freemason and they decided that the resigned fmason was a lunatic.I ask you to pray for that my parents and my moms bro would believe the truth and resingn from the masons and start to believe to the Holy Trinity!Thank you for this service!


    PRAYER REQUEST– PLEASE HEAL MY BODY OF A HERNIA, CONSTANT GAS PRODUCTION EVER SINCE PILLS 6 YEARS AGO AND EXCESSIVE INTESTINAL GAS AND FLATUENCE, HEAL THE CAUSE OF GAS AND PLEASE ask him to give me a miracle healing for the root cause of gas, and flatuence that is ruining my life, pray he restores my whole body to health and heals my mental illness, and brain and gives me a great life with tons of blessings , prosperity, long life, enjoyment, activities, healing of lonliness, and depression

  • Lindy

    My sister Elaine suffers from Lupus. She also has a pocket in esophagus that suddenly had become larger and painful. She has has 9 surgeries in 24 months. She even had to learn to walk after suffering paralysis from back surgery. She is without hope and in despair. She refuses to go back to the surgeon. Please pray for healing for Elaine and wisdom.