Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

Could you please post an urgent prayer request for a sick little boy? He is two-and-a-half and doctors have just discovered a peach-sized tumor in his brain. He goes in for surgery tomorrow morning.

Father, hear our prayer for this boy’s complete healing through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Grant skill, wisdom and compassion to his caregivers and grace, peace, and strength to all who love him.

Also, please pray for somebody who is going through a difficult time that their prayers will be answered. 

Finally, please pray for our son Luke, who is suffering from an excruciating migraine.

Father, hear our prayer through Jesus Christ your Son.

Thank you!

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  • bob cratchit

    FWIW I offered my prayers for these intentions.

  • I offer my prayers through the intercession of St. Dymphna.

  • Pastor Thieringo

    Prayer request:

    Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,success and miracles in business,miracles in finamces,miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name .

  • james john

    dear fr. please pray for my daughter shirley her mother-in-law is giving her a lot of mental trouble and she is in depression so do pray for her speedy recovery and for her mother-in-law to reform and for peace in their family and for shirley to have a child.

    Thank you lord for everything and innumerable things you have showered upon me.I love and praise you lord.Thank you for carrying me.
    Success and Good fortune flow toward me in a river of abundance.
    I attract success and prosperity with all of my ideas.
    Success and achievement are natural outcomes for me.

    All of my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success.

    Opportunities and advantages come with each door that I open.

    The positive advantage is always mine.

    Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind.

    I ascend to the top of the corporate ladder and my salary has topped the charts.

    My management skills open the doors of opportunity.
    I AM the example of success and triumph.
    My life is an exciting adventure filled with opportunities and rewards.
    My life overflows with all kinds of good.
    My mind has unlimited power.
    My prosperity contributes to the prosperity of others.
    Now! Today I conform to my highest ideals.
    The demands of life awaken the greatness that lies within me.
    The power within me helps create my life the way I want it to be.
    The universe provides for my every want and need.
    Today I acknowledge my successes, enjoy them, and build on them.
    Today I act with assurance, confidence and grace.
    Today I am able to see the big picture.
    Today I am committed to my goals and my success is assured.
    Today I am committed to results.
    Today I am determined to follow through until finished.
    Today I am eager to give more than I am paid for.
    Today I am eager to meet all challenges with pleasure.
    Today I am eager to work, to think, to make my contribution.
    Today I am lucky because I do what needs to be done by me.
    Today I am rich because I am courageous.
    Today I am willing to risk, putting it all on the line.
    Today I bring solutions, not complaints, as my contribution.
    Today I firmly take charge of me.
    Today I meet problems with confidence and poise.
    Today I recommit to my highest goals.
    Today I remember that my real source of strength is within.
    Today I start a new habit, the habit of joy, excitement and enthusiasm.
    Today I take charge of my emotions, desires and abilities.
    Today I take the first steps towards my goal.
    Today I will be persistent in all that I do.
    Today I will keep my feet on the ground while moving toward my goals.
    Today is full of new opportunities and I will make the most of them.

    I thank you God for my good job in HRand for the good health and spirits and for the wonderful wife and son and good bossesand I Thank you forworthy presence , love and care of Mr. D.M.Sawhney je, sh Tarun Sawhney ji , Mrs Rati sawhney ji and their family members , I thank you lord for the help of the environment and promoters of the company I am working . I Thank you lord for helping my siblings Harish , Ritu and sonu kohli with health , happiness and bliss in their lives.I thank you lord for giving me opportunity to do MBA and sugar technology and I am thanking for giving me the ability and opportunity to do more and better and I Thank you for improving my financial conditions to excellence.I Thank you Lord for the wonderful house you have given me from the company and I Thank you lord for the love given to me by our CGM sh Mehtabh singh and I thank you lord for exposing the politics of sanjeev Asthana on me to CMD and JMD sahiband crushing that politics completely. Let all the positive forces of the universe enters and works in my life.
    CMD and JMD sahib knows and recognize my talents and are giving me opportunity as being GM (HR and Admn) at Deoband sugar unit.The truth about my heart’s desire and my capabilities is being known to CMD and JMD sahib.CMD and JMD sahib are being known about the truth and facts about their corporate HR and unit HR employees.I am getting promotion as GM (HR)in Deoband sugar mill by today.I excel in my job and is successful. My siblings are happy and taken care by Sai baba.I am getting a new car and nice office from company with A.C.My son sai kohli is excelling in his studies and his health. I have good relations with my wife and my family. I am getting total victory in my life. I have positive relations with CMD, JMD, CGM, President corporate planning and V.P. (Finance) , VP (CFO), GGM legal ,GM(HR)(SBG)and with all employees in the factory. I have relationship of mutual trust and love with CMD, JMD sahib and their family.CMD sahib loves and respects me for my honesty and commitment in my job. My cist is getting right and getting cured. I am building my triple storied beautiful house at my plot opposite sai baba temple in Deoband by 31st December 2012. I am spreading love and love is coming to me through my environment. I am getting respect and abundance in my life. All positive forces in the universe are helping me and my family.I am strong, secure and confident with inner peace in me. I say positive things about myself to myself and I forgive myself for all I have done. I am honest and dedicated with commitment and excellence in my job. I am loving , caring and decent person with positive self esteem. I am filled with energy, vitality and total peace with my powerful positive self esteem.I fill my mind with powerful positive thoughts. Loosing weight comes naturally to me. I drink lots of water and think before eating and do exercise. I am losing weight and have a smart personality like Salman Khan. Every day I am getting successful and healthier. I succeed with ease and attract, welcome and accept talented and successful people to my team. I visualize myself with abundant wealth and courageously sell my ideas. I deserve to have prosperity and affluence in life. My wealth is increasing more and more now. I am getting promotion and my life in sugar industry is flourishing like Mr. D.M. Sawhney who is my mentor, guide, fatherly figure and support.TEIL is growing and growing in pursuit of excellence under my leadership. I am being sponsored HR courses by JMD sahib from xlri and isb.