Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

A reader writes:

My faith seems to be dwindeling for the last two years. I keep trying to believe, but I find myself struggling on my own faith. Prayer seems to work for other people and doesn’t seem to work for me. I feel completely lost at times. Temptations are harder and I want to completely give up. Many of my sins have been grave and I cannot find God coming in at those moments to save me. He doesn’t seem to rush in upon the moment where my sins and temptations are so grave. I understand he gave us freewill. Though, my freewill seems all I have left and God doesn’t seem to be reaching out in those moments where He grants me the grace and a miracle to believe, thus being rest assured he is there and helping me in my struggles. I feel helpless in my struggles and feel my faith in God being eclipsed. Although I ask for a miracle, I’m not asking for something sensational nor for mere amusement. I apologize if any of this sounds weird. But, I don’t want to end up as a freak nor a nut who cannot love God and family, friends, and neighbor. Please, if anyone will pray for me. I’ve asked my Grandma and friends too as well.

Father, hear our prayer that your child will be able to trust in the truth of your forgiving mercy and love.  Grant restoration of faith, hope, and love through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, pray for your child.

Another reader writes:

I wrote you some days ago about my siblings who were having trouble securing funds for the upcoming school year. While they’re not quite out of the woods yet, several offers of assistance have come out of the woodwork and it looks like all may come out well, which is a huge relief. I wanted to thank you and your readers for their prayers – they really make a difference and they are much appreciated. God bless.

Thanks be to God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ!

A very brave priest I know in Ireland who is suffering from a brain tumor writes:

Am still here.

Can I ask for prayers.

All I know is that I am scheduled for neurosurgery on the 17 Sept-it was to be 3 Sept. The neurosurgeon plans to drain the cyst as well as biopsy it and place a surgical shunt in place. Albeit it is a very delicate  procedure, since it right at the centre of my brain. (At the pons)

The risks of stroke or death are still there. Even personality change.

My sister Morna and I travelled with a neighbouring diocese to Lourdes on the feast of St Benedict. To be honest we both found it transformative. Especially the enormous logistics caring for the sick. Granted I was not “cured” (though i prayed for a cure as i went into the waters) but both of us were healed, of fear.

I am not afraid, though I am anxious for my elderly parents. I can not explain it. I have tried to but words fail me.

Read “Impact of God” by Iain Matthew. Excellent! Better than a shot of coffee! (Though sip the book slowly)

Though reading (and typing) is difficult now. Yet I find it difficult to stay awake for the rosary. I can pray the Jesus Prayer (cos its short) but feel I am ignoring the Mother of God. Yet I know she has and still does accompany me as the true Ark of the Covenant.

Please pray for us.

In prayer

PS. I prayed for you and all GKCtonians while Reno was on for a fruitful occasion.

Father, thank you for the great gift of this holy priest and his beautiful offering of his life and suffering. We ask that you would give him complete healing in body, soul and spirit through your Son Jesus Christ.  Accept the sacrificial offering he makes of himself for the good of your Church, the conversion of souls and the glory of your Name.  Give his caregivers skill, wisdom and compassion and protect the integrity of his inner man from the assaults against his body.  Give grace, strength and peace to his sister and all who love him.  Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Peregrine, pray for him and all in this situations.

Another reader writes:

I have another prayer request for you. I recently quit my job because I had another lined up, but that job has pulled out and now I’m without work. I don’t have any savings and I won’t be able to make rent on Sep. 1st. I’m interviewing for positions and things are going well on that front, but I have to find short-term work to pay the bills while I’m interviewing. I ask that your readers pray I find that temporary work quickly. Thank you.

Father, hear our prayer that your son will swiftly find work through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for him!

Finally, a reader asks we pray for this sick baby.

Father, hear our prayer for this child’s complete healing through Christ our Lord.  Help his caregivers discover what is wrong and treat it effectively.  Mother Mary, St. Luke, and Holy Innocents, pray for him!

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