Book Sez Karl Rove Advised Komen to Restore Planned Parenthood Funding

You know, Major GOP Strategist. Guy in charge of keeping prolife folks (whom he contemptuously regards as suckers as they pour out their good hearts in the effort to save the most vulnerable) on the GOP reservation with empty promises and very real threats of abandonment if they get uppity or step out of line with the real GOP agenda: accrual of wealth and power.

Grasp this for the love of God and the love of your own soul: Just as you do not exist to serve the State, so you do not exist to serve the Party. As long as you conceive of yourself as a servant of either the State or the Party, you are a slave and not a free person in Christ. Claim your freedom in Christ and begin to make clear to the State and the party that they work for you and for the most vulnerable. You do not work for them. They don’t care about you. And they don’t care about the unborn.

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  • bob cratchit

    Thanks for this. I have a hearing problem and I used to think his name was “Rogue”.

  • Scott W.

    I heard their fundraising was taking it on the chin since the PP debacle. Is that true?

    • Ted Seeber

      I’m sure it is. They managed to both get my first contribution to their cause in a decade, AND swear never to give them money again, within a 48 hour period.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me. Rove is the face of the whole ‘tell social conservatives whatever until after the election.’ Still, this is a book where someone says she heard someone say something and later confirmed it was Rove. I would need a little more evidence to render a verdict. But it’s certainly not impossible to believe.

  • Noah D

    Yu could take that first paragraph, replace ‘prolife’ with ‘black’, and ‘GOP’ with ‘Dem’, and…

    …crap, we’re being played, too.

    • Mark Shea


  • MikeTheGeek

    Rove was responsible for the GOP losing the house and senate, and for coming as close as we did to having a President Kerry. His view of the political world is all about demographics and zero about principles.

    Instead of “being played,” get out there and change it, like the Bolshies did to the Dems.

  • Mike Walsh

    “Reached by phone, the prominent Republican strategist said the charge made by former Komen senior vice president Karen Handel in “Planned Bullyhood” is “not accurate.” He declined to elaborate.” I’ve no brief for KR –and that response falls way short of outright denial. But can you point to other instances of his insincerity regarding pro-life issues per se, apart from his (obvious) professional partisanship?

    • sean campbell

      I read somewhere that Rove is an atheist. check it out and see. If it is true, there is your answer.

  • Jacob Morgan

    Let me get this straight, just want to understand this. One party denies God three times, has a celebration of abortion for a convention, etc. One political consultant sometimes used by some candidates of the other party has questionable views, so…so kick back and wash your hands of the whole thing, sneer at the simpletons trying to make a difference. Never mind that 4 supreme court justices will likely be replaced in the next 4 years. Never mind that Obama is funding abortions abroad, etc. No, what is important is that your ego is stoked by being so clever so see through it all. I fear that the additional babies slaughtered if Obama is reelelcted may take little comfort in your joy of being above it all.

    • Mark Shea

      How is calling prolifers good people a sneer? It’s Rove and his ilk that sneer at prolifers.

      Stop talking as though you work for the party and have to cooperate or they will abandon you. They work for you.

  • JMB

    Also, it should be noted that the GOP does not care about your “conscience” either. Support any non-GOP candidate, even on facebook, and you will lose any GOP leadership position you may have: