Seeing as how it’s Memorial Day, Lemme Post in Honor of My Dad

Seeing as how it’s Memorial Day, Lemme Post in Honor of My Dad May 28, 2018

My Dad was up for three days straight on D-Day, servicing waves of aircraft bombing Normandy.  My Dad woke up in a cold sweat for years after the war, the sound of bombs in his dreams still ringing in his ears. My basic reason for wanting to destroy the GOP? My Dad put up with a lot from Nazis and I don’t want them back. Several full-fledged Nazis/white supremacists/Loony Anti-semites are running as Republicans this year and the Party of Trump base is AOK with that. Their President says people marching under the banner of the swastika are “very fine people.” Meanwhile, he calls Mexicans “animals” and peaceful Black protesters “sons of bitches”. (Yeah, I know, I know. Only the *criminal* Mexicans are animals. Note how eager so many Trump defenders are to make excuses for that. As Jesus said, “For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten Son for, you know, the good white people, not those Mexican animals.”)

Bottom line: The GOP is now a party that sees Nazis as people who are welcome at the table and critics of Nazis and Nazi-sympathizers as mean and intolerant. I’m good with dedicating my energies to the total destruction of such a party.

And by the way, for the love of Almighty God, stop with this Standard Party of Trump rationalization that “Both parties are the same, especially Democrats.”

No. Here: let’s make this as simple as possible. One party nominates actual Nazis for high office. Real, armband-wearing Nazis.

The other does not.

One party has a President who calls people who march under the banner of the swastika “very fine people”.

The other does not.

Stop lying to yourself and everybody else that both parties are the same. They are not.

I know. I know. “But abortion!”

Now we can talk about “both parties being the same.” That party that welcomes Nazis? The Party of Trump?  That’s the party that has refunded Planned Parenthood six times. Last week, they gave the suckers in the prolife movement a little participation trophy with their piddly little cut to PP. But here’s reality: The executive action won’t eliminate most of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. And for this tiny investment, the Party of Trump earns another year of “prolife” support for Nazis, white supremacists, and anti-semitic freaks.

Oh, and the Savior Judge who is going to magic abortion away? He says Roe is the law of the land. He has, however, just destroyed the right to collective bargaining, which Catholic teaching calls a basic right. If you think Roe is going anywhere, you are a sucker of the first order. And if you think that the ongoing impoverishment of the working class by such judgments will not result in a higher abortion rate, you are a wilfully blind accomplice to the abortion regime.

So don’t lie to me that “both parties are the same”. One supports supplying abortion while fighting demand–and does not vote by the thousands for freaking Nazis. The other supports abortion and ratcheting up demand for abortion and freaking Nazis and pretends that brandishing a Precious Feet pin taketh away the sins of the world.

On this Memorial Day I stand with my Dad and say:

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