Kang/Kodos 2012

Romney puts on fake tan to talk to Mexicans.

Though nobody has considered the possibility that he simply had his pale plastic epidermis peeled off the positronic matrix and temporarily replaced with a darker shade of plastic as a normal part of general maintenance and repair. Why assume he is as transparently fake as a three dollar bill when it is so important to remember that you work for the Party and the Party does not exist for you or to respect your intelligence?

Meanwhile, Obama, Man of the People, parties with people who erect 18 foot tall towers of gold-bottled champagne while denouncing Romney as an out-of-touch plutocrat. President Transparency then bans the press from publishing photos of the champagne towers, because he’s all about free speech for the Little People.

Rombama 2012: Shut up and Vote For Us, Because We Regard You As an Abused Spouse and Believe You Are Willing to Take as Many Insults to Your Intelligence and Dignity as We Feel Like Dishing Out

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  • Tan in a can? dumb but I can live with it. Romney’s hit the artificial tan circuit before. Chance that Unvision’s makup crew are die hard Democrats and screwed Romney’s makeup? Actually a little more concerning because you’d hope the Romney campaign would have figured out the media doesn’t like them by this point. The same competence concerns on the champagne tower for Obama. It’s a bit worse for Obama because he’s got a heck of a lot more resources at his fingertips as President.

  • SecretAgentMan

    I forget, which one’s Kodos? I know Kang is Star Trek, but which franchise is Kodos from? The only synapse firing reminds me of Zur and the Kodan armada, but that’s not it.

    Anyhow, I think most of our rulers bring their own makeup attendants to avoid studio bias/incompetence — seriously, not kidding there.

  • JB

    Kang and Kodos, original, although dubbed in Spanish which kind of makes it even funnier:

  • If you’re interested in an objective study conducted by Kang & Kodos , just click my name (not related to politcs).

  • kelly

    I prefer to use the name “Robomney.”

  • Ben

    You should check this story, Mark. As I suspected, it looks as if this was a bad powder job by the Univision makeup person.


    • Mark Shea

      You’re treating this with more seriousness than it deserves. I just thought it was funny. It’s telling, though, that Romney has such an established and well-deserved rep as a panderer with a moral core of pure tofu that such a goofy story actually needs to be quelled with grim indignation. “Hey! *That* time he wasn’t embarrassing himself with a ridiculous craven pander!”

      • It’s a slander. Slanders are often funny. What is the religious permissibility of your behavior when you mistakenly pass on a slander and when informed, react as you did above?

        • Hezekiah Garrett

          Did you mean calumny? Not to make too much of it, but why use the secular legal term when discussing the moral act? I took the time to learn to speak like a catholic when I converted.

          • Andy, Bad Person

            Could’ve fooled me. I’ve been following your comments for the last day and haven’t seen a drop of charity.

            • Hezekiah Garrett

              Don’t you know wheat and tares grow together? That sheep and goats intermingle?

              Your time might be better spent trying to determine which you are, rather than concentrating on others. I may be a bad catholic, the worst ever even, but lack of sanctity has nothing to do with diction.

              If you have so much charity, where I have none, shouldn’t you be praying for my soul, rather than talking smack?

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Actually, according to your link, it was no such thing. According to the cosmetologist in question, again from your link, Rmoney showed up naturally tan.

      Why TMLutas isn’t offended by your calumniation of a poor, simple make-up person, I can’t say.

      • Mark Shea

        The intense sensitivity over trivial jokes at the expense of the immensely rich and powerful is one of the constant features of Movement Conservatism–except when comparing liberals to Hitler. That’s a thigh-slapper and lefties need to grow a sense of humor and not be so sensitive.

        Calumny. Sheesh.

  • kenneth

    Maybe for his next appearance or the debates, Romney can come in costume as the stereotypical “welfare queen” so he can connect with the other 47 percent of us. Because, you know, that’s all half of Americans want out of life is a government handout….

  • beccolina

    With the fake tan, Romney is aiming for the “Fans of Snooki” vote.