Prayer Request

A reader writes:

Quick prayer request: Please ask for prayers as I check out RCIA. After reading your blog the past few years, and a few of your books, and finding myself in Catholic masses more than my Episcopal ones, I’ve decided I should start classes… So, prayers for guidance!

Father, hear our prayer for guidance for your servant as she enters RCIA.  Send your Holy Spirit to lead her into the fullness of truth in Jesus and empower her guardian angel to fight for her and protect her.  Bring her into full and joyful communion with your Holy Church.  Send her friends and companions to help her and accompany her has she seeks to be your committed disciple, Lord Jesus. Help them to encourage one another in the walk of discipleship.  Mother Mary and St. Paul, pray for her.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Christopher Lake

    In light of the experiences of more than a few Catholic converts (including people whom I know personally), we should also pray that the RCIA program she is entering accurately reflects the authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church. Lord, please, may it be so, for her sake.

  • priscilla

    i pray and hope that i can get this good job and i pray that god will bless me with this great job in your name i pray aman