Advent Calendar Question

A reader asks:

Does anyone where to buy an Advent calendar that corresponds to the actual dates of Advent, rather than Dec. 1 to Dec. 24?

Beats me. Anyone?

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  • Fiestamom

    You might try this website. I don’t see one on her blog, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she wouldn’t whip one up for you. I use her homeschool planners, and they are beautiful. Hope this helps! – no, I don’t know her, just enjoy her product(s).

  • Deborah

    I make Jesse Tree Ornaments for Advent. My ornaments begin November 29 – December 25. You can find them here:

  • Jason C.

    We just use the cheap IKEA one and give it out as a gift to families we know, Catholic or not–our kids can’t read the small numbers yet anyway, so we just say, “Okay, open this one!” The numbers are small enough though that you could just write your own numbers with a Sharpie or something and it would be great.

  • Jason C.

    There is actually another calendar option from IKEA that’s cheaper, usually in the check-out line at stores, that looks like this one. It doesn’t have the option of re-using it each year (the one above has drawers–this just has perforated “doors” you punch open), though, and every day’s filled with the same thing: chocolate.

  • This is the problem I ran into when I made an advent calendar for the Beadboys; I ended up making it with 24 pockets, I fudge the beginning when explaining it to them, and I look forward to those years when the first Sunday in Advent falls on December 1st. maybe some day I will embroider a few spare pockets that I can temporarily attach as necessary.

    Of course, the Beadboys are an ungrateful duo who complained last year when I put anything other than chocolate in the pockets, so I’m tempted this year to fill them with Biblical verses.

  • Meggan

    I once had one that followed the actual dates of Advent. I think it came from Liturgy Training Publications.

  • Rebekka

    An advent wreath?

  • Katie