Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat October 18, 2012

answers Adam Gopnik and his reflexive panic about the imminent Theocracy that (Gopnik hyperventilates) RR are about to impose–a fear as in touch with reality as the Right’s fear of the Atheist Komminiss Nazi Islamic Shariah regime Obama is about to impose.

There is nothing left once Douthat is through with Gopnik’s piece.  Gopnik’s devotion to the sacrament of abortion demonstrates once again that sin has the power to make very smart people deeply stupid.

Mike Flynn also weighs in on the follies of Gopnik’s logic.

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  • JoFro

    The comments from the readers seem to be as bad as Gopnik’s views.

    • SDG

      Never, ever read Ross Douthat’s combox. That way lies madness. That poor man has the most toxic combox I have ever seen. To hear the majority of readers who weigh in tell it, Douthat might as well have a charism of infallible wrongness; not only is he always wrong about everything, he is perniciously, woefully, stupidly wrong, embodying in himself all the errors, follies and evils of the right.

      Love reading his stuff, BTW.

      • I really admire him, especially how calmly and reasonably he argues, without relying on ad hominem attacks, vitriol, or unnecessary provocation.

        • SDG

          Yes, and how he makes a point of appreciating, praising or sympathizing with whatever is positive in whatever or whomever he sets out to critique or cross-examine. His takedown of Gopnik is so effective precisely because he admires Gopnik as a writer and acknowledges Gopnik’s history of non-hostile treatment of religion.

          This is precisely the dimension lacking in Douthat’s combox haters. They never find anything positive or worth calling out in his columns; he’s just wrong, wrong, wrong, all the time, about everything.

  • dpt

    Becoming too ensconced in partisan affiliations is unhealthy.
    I recall progressives who feared that Bush and John Ashcroft would send out “jack-booted” thugs to imprison liberals, atheists, and homosexuals.

    Prior to that, some right-wingers were up in arms over Clinton who supposedly would let UN troops come on US soil and gather up gun owners and evangelicals into concentration camps.

    People with these bizarre worldviews would be better off emotionally and intellectually spending their time watching Honey Boo Boo or Mix Martial Arts.

  • MarylandBill

    The moral logic of his comboxes… and indeed progressives as a whole when it comes to life issues generally defies understanding by any rational thought process. I can’t believe someone has actually tried to use the common belief that we don’t know when an embryo/fetus/baby becomes conscious as a defense for abortion rights. We may not know exactly when a baby becomes conscious of its surroundings, or when it can perceive pain, but we know exactly when it becomes human. It is a sign of the moral decay of our civilization that people believe that it is O.K. to kill if you don’t know whether or not the person being killed can perceive his or her own death.

  • FW Ken

    I like mixed martial arts…

  • Ye Olde Statistician

    I liked Eduardo, who wrote:
    Ryan’s certitude regarding abortion and his insistence that faith underlies everything are contrary to the interests of those who should have the final say over their own bodies.
    with such a delicious lack of self-awareness over whose bodies are actually at risk.

  • Tom R

    Some faint praise for the denizens of Ross Douthat’s NYT comboxes: They are not quite as deranged as the denizens of his former comboxes at The Atlantic.
    Mark Steyn, I think (or possibly Mark Stay or Mark Shine) noted that while the Left often say that the problem with Ann Coulter, Kathy Shaidle, Robert Stacey McCain and other conservatives is their harsh, hateful and uncivil tone, Ross unfailingly adopts a civil and conciliatory tone… yet still has the usual Scatology In The Service Of Tolerance And Inclusiveness Is No Vice screechers unload the usual cheap ad-hominems at him.