Best Part of Elections

Best Part of Elections October 29, 2012

Political Humor:

He makes a persuasive case for Romney, but one the other hand think about the case for Obama:

Only a man with real integrity should be entrusted with the task of ordering the indefinite detention and secret unilateral lawless murder of Americans. Only a man of sound judgement should bear the responsibility for murdering four year old Pakistani girls and then declaring the body parts littering the ground “terrorists”. We can’t entrust such a duty to a feckless weathervane like Romney. He might cave in to polls and stop given sufficient public pressure from the “antiwar” Left when it suddenly rediscovers (heh) “conscience” on January 20, 2013. But with Obama, Americans can unite–antiwar Left and prolife Right–in a campaign to see to it that *no* Pakistani children survive to join Al Quaida.

Obama 2012: Do it–To the Children

Or you can be bizarre and vote for somebody who doesn’t advocate grave evil at all.

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  • Tim

    Mark, love the posts. I haven’t devoted myself to reading enough of them to know whether this question has already been answered, but I wanted to know what you would say about this:
    What does the Church say about voting for the lesser of two evils, or what is your stance on that?
    Also, wouldn’t you agree that in most cases voting third party is the same as not voting at all?
    Would it not be better to vote for the lesser of two evils than to not vote at all?
    As a devout Catholic, I’m interested in your frank response.

    • Noah D

      He’s answered all of these, here.

  • So Whedon’s making fun of Romney saying that he’s not human but rather Zomney. Thanks Joss for keeping the Secret Service busy with all those death threats! You’ve done a valuable service keeping them too busy to have much time for hookers and other occasions of sin. God bless