Just to be clear: Obama is a tyrant…

Just to be clear: Obama is a tyrant… October 12, 2012

and Joe Biden is a filthy liar who is trying to deceive people about the HHS mandate because he prizes power over integrity, religious liberty, the blood of innocents, and the blood of Jesus Christ.

Don’t get played by filthy liars and Catholics who prostitute their faith for political power.

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  • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

    Laymen can say things priests can’t.

    • Indeed, Father. Some things that need to be said, are better said by the laity.

  • Irenist

    Joe Biden, with his callousness about the HHS mandate and his Cuomo-esque equivations about abortion, is representative of at least half the Catholics in America. If we the laity were militantly orthodox and voted accordingly, the politicians would follow. We’re not, and they’re not. Without discipleship, the polity will perish. If Catholics were actually Catholic, we’d have the demographic clout to remake the nation and the world. Instead, we sway with the secular fads, instead of mastering them.

    • That’s in part because a)catechetical classes kind of suck b) sermons are boring as hell so no one goes to church c) the church is telling us to live by an impossible standard. Unless you want your wife to die of a pregnancy due to multiple previous pregancies thanks to not using contraception and because not giving her an abortion. The church historically has been dominated by people who don’t follow Christ and who interpret the Bible in the way it is most convinient to them rather than how it ought to be. That’s why it’s okay to disagree with the Church if you feel she is going against God and Jesus Christ.

      • ivan_the_mad

        Gratuitous assertions gratuitously denied.

      • James

        The problem with this idea that not using contraception and not killing unborn children represents an impossible moral standard is that it was the standard upheld by everyone before the ’30s and by most people before the ’60s, not least because effective methods of contraception hadn’t been invented. If Alejandro’s comments were true, then presumably every woman who lived before 1968 died in her late thirties after having had seven children. This is not borne out by the data.

        • My Aunt Dode never had any children, but she delivered a whole lot of babies in her career as a Granny Doctor. She knew how to ‘send them away’ early in a pregnancy too, but she never did such a thing, because that old Indian woman knew what evil was and she was a Doctor, not a Witch.
          Her sister, my Granny, was also a Granny Doctor, but she specialised in ‘blood disorders’, rather than ‘OB/GYN’. She had exactly 7 babies of her own, with untreated gestational diabetes* in all but the last 2 births. (My daddy was a twin so the last 2 births yielded 3 babies.) One was stillborn. All the rest lived to at least 44. The last was born in 1955.

          Granny passed in 1997. So Alejandro is most definitely full of caca.

          • *That second baby was the biggest, weighing in, the day AFTER birth at 15# 12oz. The average baby loses a lot of body weight in that first day, before gaining it back. So he probably weighed well over 16#. She is precisely the kind of woman he is talking about. And if he said it in her hearing, she wouldn’t argue with him. She’d spit Bruton’s in his eye and whip him with a hickory stick.

      • Loretta

        Chastity is not an impossible standard. Just a difficult one which we are all called to, even in marriage. My doctor tells me that pregnancy is impossible in the absence of sexual relations. Abstinence is an option and, in a sacramental marriage, one to be prayerfully considered by the parties involved. Alejandro, I am sorry you find the sermons boring and the catechism classes suckish. Perhaps you should teach them, with your evident higher wisdom. Suggest you begin with the Seven Deadly Sins, in which pride is first on the list.

        And as for Mr Biden, we must pray for his soul.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Agreed on Biden and Obama.

    But did you watch the VP debate? Ryan’s answers on abortion were just as embarrassing and non-sensical. Life begins at conception — except in cases of rape, incest, etc. Those kids don’t count in Romney and Ryan’s quest for power.

    • Dave

      Huh? That’s not what I got out of it. Ryan said that life begins at conception, but acknowledged that the policy of Romney/Ryan would allow conceptions. If it were Ryan/Romney, I doubt it would be the same policy.

      • Loretta

        Romney and Ryan would allow conceptions? LOL!

    • Nate

      Yeah. Moreover, Ryan pivoted big time when Raddatz asked him whether the Romney administration would be appointing pro-life judges.

      Btw, SNL’s take on Biden was absolutely spot on. I don’t think that the SNL writers were intentionally agreeing with a point made by traditional Catholics, but man, did they ever!

      Biden: “Look Martha, I’m a Catholic…Now…I accept the teachings of the Catholic Church, but like most Catholics, I ignore them and do what I want. Now, I feel kinda guilty about that, but, you know, whatever.”


  • Mark S,

    That was about where we shut the debate off here. Me and 5 Obama supporters all agreed that neither position was doing anything to help us keep dinner down. There was even talk aboit not voting for either, which did gladden my heart, because they were seriously disturbed, about this and gay ‘marriage’ and even one or 2 about the kill lists. Some scumbag is going to hold that office, but its still nice to see neither is gonna have any kind of a plurality of support. Nobody gets to claim MANDATE!!! this time, I hope.

  • Jose

    There are some who only call themselves Catholic in order to attack from within. Judas was the first. Biden is obviously one.Ryan did say a Romney administration supports abortion yada yada yada . Leaving his name out of it. He didn’t do that on other points he made. Saying Romney/Ryan admin instead. Charitably, I suppose he’s trying to play the right angle from the inside of evil. But we can’t vote for it anyway.

  • I still find it ridiculous how people oppose to contraception as if it were guns or slavery. With that same enthusiasm they react to this mandat, they should react to sex abuse scandals, but of course that has not been the case and that’s why people are leaving the Church and nobody takes her seriously anymore.

    • dpt

      “That’s why it’s okay to disagree with the Church if you feel she is going against God and Jesus Christ.”
      “that’s why people are leaving the Church and nobody takes her seriously anymore.”

      Sure people have left the Church, but is it due to the Church’s stance on contraception or the attraction towards the entertainment, consumerism and softness of the modern world. Are not “pro-birth control” Protestant churches empty too?

      And even with the faults and failings of far too many Church leaders, are people really better off in leaving and not listening to its teachings?

      Since Humanae Vitae, just look at the debt families, municipalities, and countries are burdened with in our consumer loaded non-Christian lifestyle over the decades. Formerly Christian countries are on the verge of bankruptcy. Cities are now bankrupt and several US states could be so too. Look at the rate of divorce and how it hurts children; look at the growing disparity between the haves and have nots. Really, have people left the Church to follow Jesus and God despite what Church leaders teach?

      In the 1920s and 1930s leading up to the time Protestant churches changed their position on contraception, we were told that access to birth control would strengthen marriages, help end prostitution, and result in more respect for women. Not working so well is it?

    • Loretta

      I take her seriously, which disproves your thesis.

  • If you find Alejandro’s opinions horribly offensive, do what I do: imagine Hank Azaria’s character Agador Spartacis from The Birdcage reading it.

    It’s hilarious!!!

    “Choo are yust afraid of my Wuatemalaness.”

  • EBS

    What’s that got to do with the price of eggs?
    What’s sex abuse got to do with Joe Biden or Paul Ryan. Or did you feel the need to try and sound cynical and smart? Actual you sound like someone who takes cheap non-relevant shots.
    Contraception, according to Church teaching is a sin. If you want to call yourself a Catholic then you have to follow Church teaching. Therefore, the reason it’s on par with “slavery”and “guns” is because the government is legislating for Catholics to go against what they believe. To sin. By force.
    If you don’t believe contraception is a sin, then fine. Do whatever the hell you want!
    But many do, for good reason. And to them IT IS a big deal. What are you better and smarter than the rest of us?
    Btw, you sound like someone who flouts silly media headlines and stupid, unintelligent cliches. Your logic is well…not very logical. For this reason, I can’t seem to take YOU very seriously…

  • Rhonda Koechig

    I will be voting for Romney/Ryan. We have to get Obama out of the White House. The president does not make law..at least not until Obama came along, but usually it is the appointees the presidents put in place and the congressmen and senators that we elect. Poorly catechised Catholic’s have helped lead this country down the wrong road by allowing leaders to be elected that go against natural law, Romney may not be 100% pro life as I would like but I think he will appoint judges that will be pro life instead of pro abortion. It is up to us to keep voting out elected officials that don’t represent our values.

    • Loretta

      Rhonda, may you not regret your decision. If Mitt Romney’s Mormonism and Paul Ryan’s pseudo-Catholicism represent our values, I fear for the country.

  • I am voting Romney, because I happen to believe he will deport all those of European, African, and Asian folks back to their ancestors’ continents of origin.

    An etch-a-sketch can be all things to all people. Or at least whatever you project onto it.

  • Folks should be descent. Tiny screens suck hind teat.