Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

Arnold isn’t old enough to drink, but he has already hit rock bottom. His sister’s death 3 mo ago made a bad problem impossible and he wound up with a busted car and a busted face. But he had a KJV on his lap when I met him. He is getting started in treatment for the drinking tonight. Pray this really is his rock bottom and that his current desire.for.God and.clean living only grows stronger. He still has to face the law too, so pray he gets a judge who tempers justice with mercy.

Father, hear our prayer for Arnold’s complete restoration and redemption through Christ our Lord. Send him saints to help him in his struggle to get clean and sober. Mother Mary, pray for him.

Another reader writes to say that the man who had the bad stroke has died. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace through Christ our Lord.

Another reader writes:

Please pray for my marriage. My husband of almost 20 years told me a month ago, “I love you,but I’m not in love with you anymore,” and doesn’t know if he wants to be married anymore. This happened with little warning, as he has never complained about our relationship and we rarely argued. He has always been very loving and affectionate towards me. No more. We have 4 boys, 10 to 18 I am homeschooling. From what I have learned about midlife crisis, his behavior seems to correlate with that condition. Over the last year, he has become increasingly distant, not the man I have known for 30 years. The realization that he has slowly abandoned me to raise these boys alone is starting to sink in. The extent of his activity here now is doing laundry, sleeping, showering and leaving for work. When he is home,which is rarely, he is locked in the bedroom. He doesn’t speak to me. My intuition tells me there is someone else. From what I have been reading, there is a great chance that he will divorce me legally.

I beg prayers for strength for me, prayers for my husband, who is a non-practicing Catholic, and especially prayers for protection for my boys. I haven’t discussed this with anyone but my mom and my pastor. I have been reluctant to ask my online groups for prayers because of the sensitive nature of this, so I am feeling very alone.

Father, hear this woman’s prayer and change her husband’s heart to do the right thing for her and her children by staying faithful and working through his problems. Send him friends who can help him to be faithful to you and to his family. Send this woman the support she needs in this trial. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Another reader writes:

My wife has just called me – she’s been speaking to a West Indian woman named Selena: she’s a mother of 4, but she wants an abortion. She knows it’s wrong, but she feels like she has no other option. She’s not married to the father of her children, but he is with her and supportive; her last pregnancy, twins, one of the babies has brittle bones in the legs because she was short of calcium during pregnancy. She’s under terrible strain with the care of the children, they live in a 2-bedroomed flat and she just can’t take any more.

It’s heartbreaking because she hates the idea of abortion, and she says she’s praying for mercy from God and that the ‘spirit of the child won’t be damaged’. The procedure is booked for Wednesday afternoon. The woman is pretty, sociable and the two little ones my wife saw were beautiful.

Jacinta said she’d pray, but not for what she asked. If there was any way we could help, we could prove our pro-life credentials by doing it; but we’re not in much better straits ourselves. Jacinta was in tears when she called.

Please pray for everyone involved. May God’s glory be shown in this situation.

Father, hear our prayer that this woman choose life and that the baby be born health in to a stable family. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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  • Mark, tell your reader that there are people (my wife and I included) who will very happily adopt that baby. You have my email address, please, if it’s possible to stop this horror, we will happily raise that child.

    • KML

      God bless you, Dan.

    • SD

      Dan, you sound like a very generous person and I’m sure your heart is in the right place, but please consider what you’re saying. Don’t you think it would be far better to help the woman to KEEP her child? After all, this isn’t an orphan we’re talking about. It’s a child with an intact family. How would that child feel knowing they were given away and their siblings weren’t? Won’t the other siblings be traumatized if their little brother or sister is given away, or be afraid their parents might give them away too? And lastly, as a mother, I can assure you that giving my child away to someone else is one of the worst tortures I can imagine.

      Abortion is NEVER the answer, but I truly believe it’s far better to keep the family together.

  • I offer my prayers through the intercession of Sts. Hedwig and Margaret Mary Alacoque.

  • Dave R

    Any way to donate to Selena in addition to our prayers?

  • Kate

    Fervent prayers for all intentions!

  • Catholic Wife

    Hi there, I can give good, helpful advice that will really make difference to the dear married lady with the unhappy husband. I have been going through the very same thing for the last two years (plus). (We homeschool too, btw and have six children). My advice is practical and simple to understand and fully in line with the Church’s teaching. It also works. So Mark, if your reader would like some practical help and fellowship, she can contact me on my secondary email (I am keeping my real name off this site to protect my family’s privacy on this delicate issue):


    I thought I might also put up some of this practical advice on a website and will let you know if I do.

    I’m praying also for the other intentions posted here.

  • Catholic Wife

    wouldn’t you know it – I’m having trouble with my email address.

    So, some webpages which I have found very helpful are:

    The first website is Christian, non-Catholic, but very encouraging – I highly recommend subscribing to their daily emails.

    The second one seems out of place for a Catholic, but contains very valuable advice about keeping the emotional connection in marriage. I cannot recommend its more worldly views of some things, but she is spot on about the emotional connection stuff. I also recommend subscribing to her daily emails.

    Sally Conway’s book “Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis” was very helpful also. It was published under a slightly different title also, so don’t buy the duplicate as well!

    Your reader’s husband is probaby also suffering some depression, which interferes with the reasoning process, because the brain is not quite functioning properly, so she must try not to take anything he says too much to heart. I know that sounds strange, but in short, although he might “feel like” he doesn’t love her any more, it’s just the depression talking. Ignore all such nonsense!