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"Not a Trump or Kim fan but..i'm wondering is this not better than doing nothing? ..."

What Trump Actually Accomplished in Singapore
"No, he/she doesn't. Obviously didn't listen the tape; hasn't watched the videos."

Not Romans 13. John 8:44
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Not Romans 13. John 8:44

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  • Oh, sure! Post an apology, nobody cares. Post a song from ‘The Movement’, and the Dark Lord hisself publicises you…

    Just kidding. Thank you, Mark, very much…

  • Marthe Lépine

    Hezekiah, I tried to put a 2nd comment on your blog, but ran into a problem because, since I have started the process of starting a blog there as well, they asked for my password… but I just cannot remember it at the moment, and it has been stored with my e-mail. Right now, I have a problem: Bell has suddenly canceled both my phone line and my e-mail because I was late in my payments, although I had been told that I would first get a letter, with a deadline to find the money, and that letter never arrived, so I was taken by surprise. Therefore it will be a while before you can send me an e-mail as you said in your reply to my previous comment on your blog. And, since I can no longer use my e-mail, I cannot write to Mark directly to ask for prayers, so would you mind asking him to put my request in his post, please (although I suppose he will reading this too…) This loss of my e-mail and phone comes at a particularly difficult time, since I have been awaiting word of maybe one last big translation contract that would have allowed me to put my finances in better order before I am definitely forced to retire for lack of work. If I cannot receive the work through my e-mail, it might go to someone else. And I am in the process of putting together a one-person exhibition of my work, as well as my participation in three craft sales. It is the worst possible time for losing my connections… And I panicked, and my depression has threatened to take over… While I am frantically working to make other arrangements. Thanks and I should be in touch some time later.

  • Martha, I will email Mark because he doesnt necessarily read all comments.

    I was going to leave an obscure mathematical equation that would yield my phone number, but obviously with no phone it would do you no good. If you want to arrange to use my email temporarily, though I wouldn’t begin to know how to imitate you, it is genetallent(u know)gmail(this2)com

    I will pray and if you think of any way I can help directly, you just tell me. And if you sign a comment with your last name on my blog, I can follow your directions without publishing tbat comment. You dont have to use your log in to comment there, just like here.

  • I have emailed Mark, but it being Sunday, there may be no movement by until tomorrow on his end. You are Quebecois, no? I asked him to also pinpoint your location by your comments and see if there is a reader local to you who might help.

    Luckily, because of my profession, I have no sunday obligation every other week.

  • Alias Clio

    Martha, I live in Ottawa but am not just now in a position to be of any “practical” use in the conventional sense, at least not that I can see, being in straitened circumstances myself at the moment. However, we’ll say prayers for you.

    Bell is very difficult to deal with these days, but I’ve never heard of being cut off without any notice at all.


  • Marthe Lépine

    Thank you, Clio. For the moment, prayers are what is mostly needed, things are turning around slowly.
    And, I would strongly recommend Hezekiah’s blog to Mark’s other readers. He writes very well and his stories are very moving. He is much more than the curmudgeon whose sharp comments often grace Mark’s blog (although I do appreciate these comments, since he often seems to agree with me!)