In Future Ages…

people will envy us as the generation that lived in the same age as Jackie Chan, one of the greatest geniuses in the history of cinema:

"you think I got special treatment? i was 'beasted' to within an inch of my ..."

ICE Cold Pointless Cruelty
"But these guys are taking physician jobs which should be going to the GED dropout ..."

ICE Cold Pointless Cruelty
"Virtually every undocumented immigrant who has spoken out against policies has been specially targeted for ..."

ICE Cold Pointless Cruelty
"If your political loyalties are right, not even decades of molesting 14 year old girls ..."

ICE Cold Pointless Cruelty

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  • bear

    It is rather like Charlie Chaplin with violence.

  • Grey Pilgrim

    Agreed :) I saw ‘Rumble in the Bronx’ in the theater and at the end the a near-packed crowd gave it a standing ovation. Clearly I don’t attend too many high-brow artistic movies, and clearly I do not spend too much time among folks of highly refined taste, but to this day that remains the only film I have attended that received an ovation of any kind.

  • Mark Wilson

    The ladder Fight in First Strike
    The Bike Fight in Project A.
    Practically all the fights in Project A 2 and Miracles
    The Dancing fight in Gorgous.
    Who Am I? lots of great stunts………
    More of his Asian films have the splender of acrobatics and other such marvels that are down played in his American Films.

  • A. Campbell

    Police Story 2, Drunken Master 2 (the original cut), and City Hunter- which is a cultural amalgam that knocked my socks off.

  • Erin Manning

    Love this post, and definitely agree. My husband had me watching Jackie Chan films even before his American stuff started. Truly amazing.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    When people tell me that men don’t love ballet, I respond: “Nonsense! It’s just that men like a different kind of ballet. Our favorite ballet star is Jackie Chan. That’s man ballet!”

  • Jack

    But Kato had nunchuk skills…

  • Jack

    But Kato had nunchuk skills…