Prayer Request

A reader writes:

I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind including a prayer request in your next prayer roundup. I just found out that my parents, after a 30+ year marriage, aren’t living together anymore. Please pray that whatever is wrong it might be fixed. Thanks.

Father, hear our prayer for the healing of this marriage and the restoration of this family to faith in the power of your Spirit help them grow in grace, forgiveness, peace and love.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for this couple and all who love them and are affected by their choices that they choose your way and not theirs.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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  • Peggy R

    I shall pray for this reader’s parents. This is heartbreaking, I know from experience.

  • mike d

    My thoughts and prayers for the reader and the parents. Jesus, Mary and Joseph hear our prayer for the restorati0n of this family.

  • Ken

    We will pray for u and your family. We would also recommend contacting Stan and Charlotte Upah at They are from the Alexander house organization that has a really good track record of helping marriages

  • Milan Janca

    Please for prayers for fully psychical healing of Lenka, whom I injure and she injure me. Please for she forgive me, for she will be abble to forgive me. Please for great miracle.
    Please for payer for friendship with Lenka, person, whoes I love as friend,
    but she has blocks, which make our friendsip impossible. Please for fully
    forgiveness between us, please for returning of affiance between us. Please
    for prayers for abolishment of all preconceptions, which inhibit from our
    friendship, please for prayer for fully healing all bad which is between us,
    which preclude friend`s love.
    Please for prayer for good clear friendship.
    Thank you