The Catholic History Video Project

Company Name: Homeschool Connections

Contact: Maureen Wittmann, Co-Founder and Co-Director

Telephone: 817-889-6177

Alternate Contact Person: Walter Crawford, Founder and Director
Telephone:  682-201-4448


The Catholic History Video Project is the brainchild of Phillip Campbell. Phillip loves history and he loves all things Catholic. These two things, along with Phillip’s quirky sense of humor and his creativity, are a great combination. The result is a documentary project that is as fun as it is informational.

The Catholic History Video Project is a planned series of 40-minute DVDs designed to bring understanding as well as a love for history, particularly in context of the Catholic Church’s contribution. This is a video project for individuals, families, schools, young, and old.

We have already produced one video: Origins of Christian Monasticism, focusing on the contribution of monasticism to the Early Middle Ages. Review copies are available to you at this time. Widespread distribution is scheduled for November 2012.

The next video in the series focuses on the Conquistadors. The script is written and story boards drawn. Release is planned for March 2013. Future topics will include the Crusades, Scholasticism, Counter-Reformation, Modern Church History, and more.

YouTube Videos:

This 10-minute video is an excerpt from Origins of Christian Monasticism:

This 2.5-minute video is an introduction to The Catholic History Project:

Project Webpage:

Facebook Fan Page:

Please see contact information above for review copies, questions, and comments. Thank you for your consideration. God bless.

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  • Ted Seeber

    Oh my. I really need to bookmark this and buy it. And then get some video editing software, and use appropriate clips from it to produce a YouTube video for Nick Alexander’s “We Want To Stand United”.