The Only Chart…

…that matters on election day—which is why I’m voting my conscience.

The Mayor of Fort Lauderdale is remarkably clueless
Not living in TX, I have not followed Wendy Davis very closely
Hillary Clinton: Totally, totally trustworthy and stuff
Conor Friedersdorf Nails it
  • Dave G.

    I plan on voting my conscience, too.

  • R.C.

    Everyone should vote their conscience.

    But it’s worth pointing out that the top donor to X is sometimes the 11th or 12th top donor to Y. This is especially true with the Wall Street names.

    And, last time out, the Wall Street names all went with Obama, in greater numbers than they went with Romney this time around.

    And of course investment bankers and Obama cabinet offices have a sort of revolving-door relationship, hence the nickname “The Goldman Sachs Administration.”

    In the end, I honestly don’t think that chart tells anybody anything much.