A Little Experiment

In the effort to demonstrate that I have a Radio Face, I have recorded a little video giving a bit of background on my book, The Heart of Catholic Prayer:

It should be obvious, after seeing this, that you and everybody you know badly needs this book, preferably autographed, for Christmas. Happily, I can oblige you if you click here and order it.

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  • JL

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but you don’t sound like you write.

    Neither did Chesterton, I guess.

    • Mark Shea

      I write taller.

  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    Radio face”

    Oh, my goodness. Well, I see ruggedness and determination in those features, which, alas, is not the look that the fashion industry most admires – (simpering, insipid, and debauched – i.e., addicted to heroin or cocaine – are what come to mind as descriptors of what the fashion industry foists on us as “the” standard of beauty to emulate. )

    Anyway, nobody looks their best when presented with a camera angle, lighting, and hairstyle that do not quite succeed in showing them to their best advantage. If you have a friend in the photography business (still or video)who would be willing to give you ten minutes worth of pointers to put in practice for yourself, then next time you will be able to set for yourself the most becoming on-camera treatment, and faster than you can say, “Brad Pitt!”

  • Ben

    This video makes you look pretty tough, like the kind of guy I want on my side of a bar fight. Also, that shade of green on the wall behind you is my fiance’s favorite color. She’s obsessed with it.

  • http://profoundlycatholic.wordpress.com Kristen J

    Just a quick note that the link to your shop isn’t working for me. :)

    • Mark Shea

      Fixed it! Thanks!