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get tased by trigger-happy cops.

What police state?


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  • Pseu

    You are falsely characterizing the situation.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      Sez you.

      The lady may not have been welcome where she was, but there is absolutely no evidence she ever behaved in any kind of aggressive manner against the officers or any bystander. She merely stood there uncooperatively.

      Frankly, what kind of poor excuse for a cop can’t get a little Chinese lady out of a mall store without resorting to taser? Was they really afraid she’d go Kung-Fu-Manchu on their sorry tails? Maybe cops ought to be taught KravMaga instead of being handed oveergrown cattle prods.

      Keep it up, Mark!

      • Technically, there is no evidence at all at this point, unless we were there.

        • Michelle

          Which should mean that the cops’ actions would be looked upon by the public with deep suspicion while the woman would be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. These days, too many people still think of every man and woman in blue as Officer Friendly and every suspect as a threat to national security.

          • With what little is contained in a single article, I have no reason at all to assume anything, except what a bias might lead me to assume no matter what the evidence. If I were to run with only a single article and rush to judgement, I can’t imagine what I would conclude about a great many things.

        • Hezekiah Garrett

          Crouch down and lick…

          What part of your Glorious Founding’s Immaculate Philosophical Underpinnings (TM) did you support again?

  • Mrs Li obviously has a language problem. Language problems can get you killed. More commonly they can get you in jail. Even more commonly they can embarrass you to no end. I like the cut of Mrs. Li’s jib in her attitude that she’s not going to just sit there and take any guff from anybody but she really needs to invest in basic english and some acculturation courses so she gets a better understanding of private property and the rights of shop owners. The facts of whether the police escalated too fast were unclear. You’ll know that the police were in the wrong if the store video disappears.

  • keddaw

    I remember when they were talking about introducing tasers the claim was they’d only be used in situations where an officer would otherwise use his or her gun. Are they claiming they’d have shot this woman to get her to “submit to arrest”? Or are we in a place where cops routinely use violence to get the populace to submit to their will?

  • Melanie

    There used to be a time when police officers would “serve and protect.” Now they just bully everyone around with tasers. I’m sorry, but I didn’t read where this lady posed a physical threat to anyone. They probably could have just carried the little Asian lady out of the store if they wanted. But tase her? Come on.