Another victory against the HHS Mandate in the Courts.

And a good thing too, since the Administration’s assault on the Catholic Church (which is what this is really about) threatens to drive such dangerous criminals as the Little Sisters of the Poor out of the US.

Sez my beloved #2 son about the Mandate’s persecution of the nuns:

As relatively reasonable, carefully-spoken, open-to-discussion Catholic who does not in any way identify as a Republican or a conservative and does *not* think that Obama is the devil: This enrages me to the point of tears. If you are so set on getting cheap contraception that NUNS CAN NO LONGER CARE FOR THE IMPOVERISHED ELDERLY, I promise you that you are doing it wrong.

My dear boy, it was never *about* access to contraceptives. It was *always* about smashing and hurting the Church’s works of mercy. Shove the Church out of the social network and you give Caesar more scope to seize more power and the funding to do the job less efficiently, but more bossily.

Nice to see the Courts throwing a spanner in the works.

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  • The Deuce

    It’s refreshing to hear some good news for a change! This is almost certainly going to the Supreme Court. I wager that this time we’ll win, because while John Roberts was too cowardly to do what he knew was right over the Obamacare tax-not-a-tax, I doubt his cowardice is great enough to bring about a direct betrayal of his Church and Americans’ freedom of religion at the same time. OTOH, we shouldn’t let our guard down, because social issues is where Kennedy is a total squish who always manages to discover heretofore unknown “rights” for the social Left to do whatever it was they wanted to do.

    • Harpy

      Although I was (and still am) disappointed with Robert’s decision on the last HHS hearing, I am starting to wonder if he is playing a long game. Because of his last decision, he may have nominally more ‘clout’ with the more liberal justices and he may well have been looking at this as a chess match, knowing that it was inevitable other challenges were going to be brought forward that could put a stake in the whole of the AHA instead of just knocking one leg out from under it by eliminating the individual mandate. Even if he is able to strike it down with his as the deciding vote, there will be substantially less backlash as he will be seen as more ‘even-handed.

      At least I can hope. Only time will tell…

  • I think “they” think the HSS mandate is good for woman & society and the government has some duty to provide it. I could not disagree more, but I don’t think the assault on the Catholic Church is actually intentional or premeditated. Where am I going wrong?

    • vox borealis

      The idea that contraception is not already widely available and affordable is ludicrous. There is no need for the HHS mandate. The *only* reason to include such a mandate is to force a confrontation—to push the limits more and more in the direction of government funded women’s reproductive health services (code: birth control and more importantly abortion), and to force objectors into a smaller and more circumscribed space. They want to limit religious conscious protections here so that narrower limits can be applied more broadly. They want the first amendment to mean freedom of worship, not freedom of religion or of conscious. They want this because it gives them more power.

      I’m not convinced the Catholic Church was the specific pre-meditated target. But the Church because of history and structure is the only credible threat to the monopoly on power they want, and the leviathan can brook no competition.

      • Thanks Vox, I certainly can see the general idea of wanting more and more power. It stands to reason that those seeking more power should be trusted less than those seeking to limit their own power.

  • Al


    I am hoping the court cases from private Christian & Catholic Businessmen move forward…there are wins and losses going on here too. Hobby Lobby lost on appeal but now has appealed to Supreme Court. Other companies and businessmen are winning. Kathryn Jean Lopez has some good stuff here http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/336075/another-court-outs-obama-administration-s-religious-freedom-farce-kathryn-jean-lopez