Fr. Robert Barron on Skyfall (Spoiler Alert)

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What a Time to Be Alive!
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What a Time to Be Alive!

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  • vitto

    yeah, so it is enough to include a couple of historically dubious references to Catholicism, and suddenly this piece of violence and shallow entertainment becomes an excellent piece of art for Fr Barron and the Vatican.

    • Meggan

      I didnt’ hear Fr. Barron say it was an excellent piece of art. I think he was just pointing out something he thought happened to be interesting – the Catholic connections in the movie and in Ian Fleming’s works.

  • Martin T

    As much as I desperately seek Christ references in movies I think his coincidences are just that.

  • MTD

    Well, my friends and I had a conversation after the movie that pointed out some of this (with excited speculation–in any case Bond’s background is recusant, whether the filmmakers really thought it through or not). But what would Fr Barron say to the traditional claim that he got his name from a Jamaican ornithologist?

  • Anyone ever read a book in which whole populace was wiped out by the good guys in which a female warrior ends the bad guy’s life by sticking a peg through his temple and where many other violent things happen. It was good for Fr. Barron and the Vatican also. By the way this was Fr. Barron’s opinion and not the Vaticans. Fr. Barron has on his Catholic eyeglasses and is seeing where he can connect Christ to the wider culture so he can bring Christ there. Why not critize something worth critizing and leaving alone those who are actually trying to do God’s work.

    • Mercury

      What book was that?

      • Diana

        The Bible. See Judges 4:21 for the tent peg.

        • Mercury

          Haha okay, I thought it was something like that, but I wasn’t sure where in the bible it might be.