Prayer Requests

A good friend who lost his father not long ago now writes to say:

My mother died yesterday. Your prayers and the prayers of your readers helped ease her last days.

May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. And may the Holy Spirit give grace, strength, comfort and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Another reader writes:

I’ve got a few prayer intentions I thought I’d pass along.

–B., my godson, is determined to be on his way out of Christianity, but he’s doing it for all the wrong reasons, so prayers for him please. Also, he’ll soon be moving, so prayers for a safe and perhaps transformative journey.

–D., a friend who’s gone through more in one lifetime than most people could in 20.

–T., a former Catholic turned atheist and gay activist, for all his needs, conversion, sanctification, healing, and peace.

–My cousin P. who successfully escaped the Portland shooting and is having a hard time dealing with the news of the Newtown shootings.

–My friend E. who’s had a unique childhood and life, and just lost one of the key people in her life–prayers also for the repose of T. M.’s soul.

–My friend A. who’s determinedly Protestant and just as determinedly attempting to show me the error of my Catholic ways, that his mind be opened to the fullness of truth about Mary, the Eucharist, and the Church.

–For D. P., who’s trying to make as normal a life as possible in spite of his blindness and other significant challenges.

–For D. D., for healing and courage and hope.

–For me, that I become converted to a willingness and ability to make the sacrifices God calls me to.

Hope all’s well! Happy Advent!

Father, hear our prayers through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for each of these needs.

A reader writes:

Please pray for light and love for my sister-in-law who, unsuccessfully, tried to commit suicide this weekend.

Father, hear our prayer that she find hope and healing and that all who love her cling fast to the hope of Christ. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for all concerned.

Finally, David Alexander invites folks to a pre-Christmas Novena.

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