Prayers Please

I’m tired, depressed, and sinful.  Please pray for me.  Thanks.

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  • Marion (Mael Muire)

    At Mass today Father said that to draw near to Jesus during this season, we must become like unto Him, that is, like unto the babe in the manger, small and insignificant.

    Tired? Sinful? Depressed? In need of Him? Small and insignificant?

    That sounds about right!

    May you glory in the great work that He is about to do in you!

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      P.S. I hope all of you will forgive my carelessness in writing, in which I drew a false implication that the Infant Savior was in any way “tired” or “sinful”. He was neither. Rather, it is our fatigue and our consciousness of sin in our lives that reminds us of our need for Him, driving us relentlessly toward Him, even though in His Sacred Humanity, He may appear so small and insignificant.

  • Tim Jones

    Praying for you in solidarity, Mark. I’ve felt the same the last couple of days. When we are not the disciples we should be, He is faithful to forgive when we repent. Every time. God bless you and Merry Christmas!
    And thanks for all you do.

  • Elmwood

    The devil is attacking you. He usually assaults us with temptations to stir our passions before the great holy days of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For me, Easter is especially fought with spiritual combat. The best weapon against the snares of the devil in my experience are the rosary and most importantly confession. May God rebuke him me humbly ask.

  • Mark, you and your family are constantly in our prayers.

  • Bren

    Will be praying for you this evening when I pray my rosary. 🙂 Pray for us too Mark; I try to pray for others when I feel like you do right now, it always lifts my spirit. Peace and All Good

  • James H, London

    God bless, Mark, from another tired, grumpy old sinner. God grant you relief from your burden, consolation for your sorrows and providence for your need. St Pio of Pietrelcina, please pray for our brother Mark.

    It must be going to be good, this year! Ol’ Nick hates it when it’s good.

  • Ed the Roman

    Tired? Depressed? Sinful? Let’s start a club.
    Oh, wait, we’re in one already. 😉

  • tz

    Exhaustion is nothing bad, it is evidence you are fighting the fight. It seems as if it won’t end, and it has not for 2000 years. Fortitude is a great virtue, but there is never enough. It is easy to become tired. Fatigued. Yet that is merely one limit of the fallen world and the bodies we have now. I won’t offer the empty platitudes like persevere, but only say be honest with the Lord. Jesus prefers those who would wrestle with him to those who are less than honest.

    Depression is merely a focus on the now. Yet it is an illusion. You know church history. For the first few centuries it was a capital crime to be a Christian. Thereafter came heresies like the Arians. The Popes were forced to Avignon and at the time of St. Catherine of Sienna there were two anti-Popes and one true one and the saints differed as to who that was. Later we had the Borgia’s take the Papacy. The Reformation in response to corruption. Yet even such a stupid and corrupt organization persists to this day. Jesus loves and supports it anyway. If you’ve read Lewis’ Perelandra, both the speck of dust and the archangel are both irrelevant and central. Rejoice either way. It is not up to you, your power or faculties. Our Lord will accomplish his purpose.

    As to the sin, there is confession. We are all sinful. The greatest saint could not defeat the last imperfection and could not even defeat venial sin except by quarantine – avoiding any occasion. That is what Grace is about. Although the protestants take the doctrine to excess, grace does cover a multitude of sins. As do righteous acts like alms-giving.

    In the words of Steve Camp:

    I know someday I will be free
    The weight of sin shall be released
    But for now He covers me
    And though the trials never end
    I learn to take them as my friend
    For each day He covers me