Prayer Request

A reader writes:

In our town a 4 month old with a seizure disorder has been sent home from the hospital by specialists in this area because she shouldn’t have to live the rest of her life in a hospital.  Please pray for the mother and father and her older sister as they cope with this pronouncement and pray for the child herself that she find comfort in Gods’ hands.  Along with the same request, we are having a benefit to pay for the incredible hospital bills, right now over $20,000 at our local tavern.  The owners are donating 50% of the food and bar tab from 4-9 today,  Pray, if this does not sound weird that people come to the benefit hungry and thirsty.  Thank you.

Father, grant this child a miracle of healing, and give your grace, wisdom, skill and compassion to her caregivers and give grace, peace, strength and hope to all who love her.  And help the benefit bring in a ton of money.  Mother Mary, pray for them.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Reader: is there a Paypal link where readers can send $$$?  If so, please put the link in the combox.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    I can’t begin to imagine that. I’ll pray for them.

  • Andy

    THank you for the idea for a paypal account. I spoke to the grandmother this morning and she was going to get right on it. As soon as I have more info I will pass it on. We did yesterday raise about $8,000 at teh tavern between food, drink, and a silent auction. Thanks for prayers for that success.

  • Clare Krishan

    Praying in PA.
    (humming Breath of Heaven to throw off the word count…)

  • d

    An/ti-christ power has decieved people. They are killed people, exploit worldwide resoures.
    In afreeca people are dying by power of false capitalism and greed. Their law was changed for the capital power and They are dying. In afreeca people are dying by povery,famine, illness, disease etc. I want to stop this by the power of God. my prayer request is that no person is died by illness, severe poverty and water lackness and internal warfare in afreeca from now on. And I want attack of satan and evil spirit to be stoped,and also to be lost satan and evil spirits’ power by the pleasing will God. I want to be cured this land by the pleasing will of God. Thank you very much.