Prayer Requests

A reader writes:

Please pray for this family–the husband, David, was my husband’s best friend from high school. He and two of his sons died tragically while out on a hike in MO over the weekend. He leaves behind his wife and 3 other children.

The story has received national media attention and what sickens me are the vile and heartless comments that people from across the country have posted on the media outlets. Have we no compassion anymore for fellow human beings?

Father, hear our prayer for the repose of the souls of this man and his sons, and for the family he leaves behind that they will received the help and support they need in this black hour through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them!

Also, of your charity, could all you good people please pray for the repose of the soul of our friend Monica Dodds, whose funeral is in less than an hour. Also, please pray for her husband Bill and all who love her. Thanks! You guys are fantastic.

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  • Peggy R

    I was so sorry to read this story. We live in a town near where this family lives. What a sad and tragic story.

    May the father and his little boys rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon them.

  • How terribly sad. Praying.

  • Paula Gehringer

    I am adding my prayers to those already going up.

  • Elaine S.

    I will add them to my prayers tonight. Don’t forget also to pray for the people who responded to this emergency — the sheriff, search parties, medical personnel, etc. — this must be very hard for them as well.
    I suspect that many of the “vile and heartless comments” seen online come from people who are trying to convince themselves that something like this could never happen to them or their families, because they are smarter, better prepared, etc. and would never do what this family did. They don’t want to think about the flip side of the equation: ANYONE could be one wrong turn, oversight, mistake, or moment of carelessness away from tragedy no matter how smart, fit or well prepared they are.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    Prayers for their souls.

    But, I haven’t found any vile and heartless comments.

    PLEASE DON’T GO OUT INTO THE WILDERNESS WITHOUT BEING PREPARED. Pointing out that city-folks, even those active in the Scouting movement, who wander out into the wilderness unprepared can die very easily is a community service, far from vile, impossible to categorise as heartless.

  • Peggy R

    I have to say that the weather change that Saturday was drastic in StL metro. It was warm and beautiful in the morning into early afternoon. We worked in the yard. A friend golfed. Mid-afternoon, rain began, temperatures dropped drastically, turning rain into ice and sleet by evening. Since the hikers were southwest of here, I imagine that weather change happened a bit earlier in the afternoon.

  • Maria

    The comments on the local news sites are fine. But on the national AP coverage–places like HuffPo and Fox, there are plenty calling him a bad father, some even saying that it was probably a murder-suicide since he was a military veteran.

  • Beccolina

    What an awful tragedy. I would guess that the father sacrificed his warmth and life in the hope his boys would make it, since he was already deceased when they were found, but the boys were barely alive. People who haven’t been stranded in bad weather, or weather that turned bad, underestimate how deadly it can be. Several neighbors of ours went off the road on the way home from work and tried to walk the 1/2 mile home in a blizzard. If another neighbor hadn’t spotted them and rescued them with his truck, they might not have made it. They were disorientated and some had frostbite already.

  • d

    In the world there are people who extract internal human organs after kidnapping.And they are selling them and get so much profit.victims are feeling very suffering because of no anesthesia .in very high prayer request is that there is no victim in the world from now on.
    Another request is that no one blespheme aganst HOLY SPITIT from now on Thank you very much.

  • d

    In the last time,pastor says satan attack believers by arroance,money,alcoholic drink,wine. please pray that all this satan’s every sigle attack become invane from now on. And I want all believers become humble and have good faith and life about money, and alcoholic drink Thank you very much.