Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

On the praise report end of the spectrum, Jen Fulwiler has been discharged but still needs our prayers. Well done, thou good and faithful folk out there in Readerland for you interceding on her behalf. May it be remembered in your favor on That Day. Father, bring her to complete healing and a safe delivery through our Lord Jesus. Mother Mary, St. Gerard Majella and St. Luke, pray for the whole family and everyone concerned with their care.

[Update: Jen is back in the hospital. Please keep praying.]

A reader writes:

I know I’ve sent prayer requests in the past. And I’m afraid my prayers will seem continuously a waste. I’m falling by the waist-side so-to-speak into temptation. I live another life which is falling into a promiscuous one in nature. I don’t want to mince my words. On the other hand, I’m too embarrassed to say exactly what it is. Though, however, I’m asking for a real miracle. Would God please save me from all dangers stemming from mistakes I’ve made, but, as well as where the life I’m leading my have been found out by family. Ask God to take the root and cause of the problem which has stemmed for years from my past, and take care of it. In that, he may actually free me from it and keep me from any harm. For all the people I’ve hurt, ask God to provide a real miracle. A lot of people have been injured in someway because of the sick perverse life I’ve led and seem to still be stuck in. I’m afraid my family will be so angry and anger-filled with effects my life-style, there will be no mercy. I ask God to please save me from all harm so that I may be fully held in his arms and kept from this sick disordered and disturbed lifestyle which I cannot escape. Please, ask God to look at all the things going on and secure with the fullness of His Grace, since a lot of this also stems from my hatred toward him and feeling sorry for myself. Because, I’m so afraid of being left to despair and finding only myself in the end. Please, Mark Shea, ask all to pray for me. My prayers are certainly not as urgent, nor are my circumstances are as important as a lot of people who ask for prayers. But, as the Canaanite woman who said even the scraps fall into the floor for the dogs to eat, I ask that God will, as he responds with his sound assistance to every persons request, will take the time to also include mine and take care of it as he is responding to other people’s prayers.

Father, bring your daughter to the sacrament of confession and help her cast all this on you, who run to welcome her home as the father welcomed the prodigal. Fill her with confidence in your mercy, knowing that Jesus shed his blood for no other purpose than to most certainly forgive whatever she has done. Mother Mary, pray for your daughter, that she can have confidence in the absolute certainty that God loves her and will to forgive her.

Finally, a reader prays:

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, as we celebrate your feast day and your founding of the parochial school system in America, we especially ask for your prayers during these dark days for our schools as their very existence is threatened by the same government which used to protect religious freedom.


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  • Dr. Eric

    I offer my prayers for all who requested them through the intercession of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

  • Samantha R.

    Love your blog. It’s one of my favorite blogs, after Faith and Heritage.

    If you are on twitter, you should follow Western Christianity, the best traditionalist Christian feed on twitter:

    They have tweeted some of your articles here.

  • Yvette

    My grandson has been falsely accused of a crime and even though he has passed 4 polygraphs they now say he manipulated and falsified the polygraph. They are trying very hard to put him in prison for a crime he did not do. He has witnesses. They don’t care. Please God protect him. Free him from these charges. Give him his life back.