Principled Lefties vs. Obama Shills

In one corner, you have Lefties protesting (albeit futilely, but still honorably) Obama’s cynical elevation of his Assassination Czar to the head of the CIA.

In the other, you have Obama shills suddenly dropping their fake dudgeon about “diversity”  and the NY Times doing apologetics for Guantanamo faster than a wine and cheese eater in Hollywood can fall down in adoration of the right kind of Roman pedophile.

There are a lot of real people of conscience on the Left, as on the Right.  There are also an awful lot of shills, tools, whores, social climbers, functionaries, and stooges on both sides.

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  • Will

    When people rant and rave about “diversity”, I know the very last thing they want is diversity of THOUGHT. So they are getting exactly what they want.

  • Dr. Eric




  • S. Murphy

    Yeah. Demand Progress doesn’t quite get that if the policy is evil, moving the guy responsible for executing the policy from one job to another makes no difference, when there’s nothing going on to change the mind of the guy responsible, period, for the policy. Not that their intentions aren’t sweet.

  • “joe”

    remember, obama shills are not leftists.

  • Bob_the_other

    A part of me wonders whether the Hagel nomination wasn’t a cynical cover for the Brennan nomination, particularly now that Hagel is backpeddling on some of his expressed positions (most importantly sanctions, i.e. starving the man on the street in order to get the rich and the powerful to change their policies) … This would in some sense be worse for the US and the world than would a neo-con sec-def, because now that republicans are starting to show that foreign policy realists have no place among them, if all Obama is doing is to co-opt realists into his previous policy of assassination, drones, and etc…, there truly would be no hope for US foreign policy, and the rest of us are doomed to live with it.

  • ivan_the_mad

    During the course of my activities to support Ron Paul’s various campaigns over the years, I’ve really come to appreciate the chasms of the political spectrum that have easily been bridged by honesty and good will. It’s really something, as a conservative, to find yourself in a room with Greens, Christian progressives, conspiracy-oriented survivalists, and bona fide Birchers and find that you not only have common ground, but that you like these people. I wish Demand Progress’ effort well, because it succeeds by virtue of the effort alone.