Truth Cancer and the Redemption of Rebellion

Long ago, I wrote a piece about the weird way that heresies tend to morph into their opposites over time, liberation movements turn into despotisms, feminism turns into a race to eradicate the feminine, communist movements to liberate the oppressed classes turn into forced famines to exterminate them, pro-choice movements back compulsory abortion–and most recently, super-patriotic America Uber Alles neocon zealots (aka Americanist heretics) morph into enemies of America urging secession:

Hannity: States could leave union if feds continue ‘radicalized, abusive’ pattern…

Hannity and his ilk are going to have blood on their hands when somebody in their audience goes John Brown on innocent people in their fantasy war with the black helicopters.

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  • The Deuce

    To whatever extent Hannity is encouraging people to secede, I disagree, but as a simple matter of prediction, I worry that he’s correct. You can see how a number of states are increasingly trying to exempt themselves from federal laws and initiatives, as those laws and initiatives put them in an increasingly unacceptable position. If trends continue, I think there is a very real threat of a national crackup (even if formal declarations of secession don’t actually happen), as localities do what they think they need to do to survive.

  • JEM

    The secede movemnet is nothing more than the cry of people asking the federal govt to stop. Just stop. I do believe that some states will begin to re-acquaint themselves with the 10th Amendment. If they do, and the DC crowd doesn’t like it, I don’t think you analogy works. I would say that the DC government of the last 50 years is on a slope to not be what it professes to be.