A question about the Church’s Social Teaching

A reader writes:

I have a query for you, I know that the Catholic Church through its Popes have written certain encyclicals regarding work and condition of workers. I have came to know about and read partly “Rerum Novarum” and “Laborem Exercens”. Are there any other encyclicals which can be gone through and read pertaining to same subject matter of work, workers, condition of workers, or labour ? Please guide me in this.

Other possible resources are Quadragesimo Anno, Centesimus Annus, Populorum Progressio and Caritas in Veritate.  Also, be sure to look at the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. In our impoverished culture of political tribalism, it’s a welcome remedy to bizarre dichotomies of Western civic discourse.

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  • Dan C

    Caritatis in Veritate.

    Very good and discusses worker also, with a clear concise authority.

  • Nick R

    The compendium especially is amazing. I only read it recently, and it lays everything out very clearly and in a nicely defined order, whereas the encyclicals can be more scattered and meandering.

  • Kate

    Not papal -but I thing a must read is Belloc’s “Servile State.” It more points out how we end up in a state where papal documents are needed to explain the rights of workers.

  • j. blum

    There’s always “The Outline of Sanity” as well. Chesterton’s Utopia of Usurers was before he formally converted, but it has some tidbits related to the Outline.