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  • Number 9

    Ha ha ha no way. So she really doesn’t know. Isn’t she gores campaign manager. Funny stuff.

    • The Deuce

      Even better: Not only was she Gore’s campaign manager, she’s also the Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee!

  • Claire

    I just called Washington Sanitary and Sewer Commission after I entered the shower and emerged DRIPPING WET. I had to use a towel. WSSC, of course, has no good answer for why this occurred.

  • Will

    In subsequent tweets, among other vaporing, she admits she was told it was “because of my age”… and brags how Obamacare will put a stop to this. So she expects insurers to completely disregard actuarial principles when assessing risk.

    How about a copy of “Insurance for Dummies” to be sent to her address?

  • midwestlady

    Hilarious. Talk about clueless.

  • Jacob

    I guess no one told her that the “affordable” in Affordable Care Act means $20,000 per year