Cdl. Mahony Praises Self for Awesome Humility

Just. Shut. Up. Willya?

Benedict, upon retirement, sets the healthy model:  He will disappear from view.

Mahony demonstrates why this is wise with his perpetual narcissistic grandstanding, self pity, and thumbs in the eye of his successor.  It’s all about him.  All the time.  Benedict, who is actually humble, will stand aside and let his successor be Pope without trying to control everything from offstage.  I love the guy.

It’s really a pity Mahony will not be in jail for the conclave.  God’s ways are not my ways.

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  • former RC

    Sounds a lot like what we heard in Regnum Christi encounters and retreats beginning April 2006 for years…

  • That post reads like the worst kind of unaware self-parody. Kyrie eleison.

  • IC

    “Thanks to God’s special grace, I simply stood there, asking God to bless and forgive them. ”

    They don’t want your *forgiveness*. They want you to have the slightest sense of justice and your own complicity in evil. People who embrace humiliation do not BLOG about it, f you $%^*$%^*$. Did Jesus tweet from the cross? Don’t think so.

    Good freakin grief, what a post. (Crd Mahony’s not Shea’s)

  • Michaelus

    Maybe we should start a collection to build a “Mahoney’s Holy Humility” chapel in that cathedral he built….

  • James C.

    I’m speechless. I used to consider this criminal not quite in Rembert Weakland’s league, but I take that back. What a disgusting thing to watch.

  • I like what you say about Benedict – but I think you are not being fair to Cardinal Mahoney.

    • Mark Shea

      Mahony belongs in jail.

      • Deacon Greg Kandra

        He doesn’t quite grasp that much of the humiliation is by his own doing…in blog post after blog post after blog post…

        • Mark Shea

          All I can think of when this criminal narcissist “forgives” his critics is this.

          • Claude

            Ha! On this we agree.

          • Beccolina

            I started reading it before I realized it was from The Onion. After I picked myself off the floor, I checked the top of the page again.

      • Subsistent

        After reading Cardinal Mahony’s referred-to blog post, I suggest that the proper institution for him may be not a prison but a mental institution.

      • Old Man

        How about Cardinal Law?

        • Kenneth

          Prison, the both of them. Preferably one of the prisons that Putin uses for people who seriously inconvenience him….

          • Prison is for medium annoyances in the current state of Russian affairs. Serious annoyances don’t stay breathing.

  • Patrick

    What’s astonishing is that in Mahony’s blog post, he flat-out says that he is “Not being called to serve Jesus Christ in humility.” He also refers, apparently with a straight face and a habitual avoidance of accountability, to injustices “that swirl all around us.”

  • Scotty

    Considering the number of times Cdl. Mahoney uses the word “I” in a post about humility, it’s clear that Barack Obama’s speech writers are ghostwriting on his blog.

    • A Philosopher

      I’m going to stay out of the internal politics of the Mahoney affair, but I did want to point out that the marvelous Language Log has many times addressed the claim that Obama has a high usage rate of first-person pronouns, and shown that there’s simply no truth to it. (Speaking as linguist, not as partisan, here – there is no shortage of good reasons to be unhappy with Obama, but this just isn’t one of them.)

  • I am reminded of this:

    I have not read the book myself, but I wonder if it would be worth the USCCB ordering several boxes worth in time for their Spring meeting.

  • Wayne

    Probably the End chapter of his new book titled: “HUMILITY and HOW I ATTAINED IT”.
    Note his prayer for more humiliation in the future. I think the title ahould be “How to Protect Your Soul from Repentance”.

  • Al

    Why did I imagine Cardinal Mahony singing “O Lord, its hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way,” when I read his self-serving piece of drivel?

  • John H.

    The only thing close to a benefit of doubt I can give him regarding his ability to “forgive” those who are calling him to task, is that he is referring to his critics who are not pursuing their efforts with common sense and charity. However, when I first read this I thought, “what a narcissistic piece of trash! How many rapes do you have to oversee and cover-up before you begin crawling on your knees through the streets of LA in sackcloth and ashes begging for forgiveness?!”

  • DRH

    It takes a humble man to not be too proud to admit that he’s teh awsums!

  • Margaret

    I seriously hope Papa B strips his title and begins canonical proceedings before the end of the month. Cdl. Mahony is otherwise rapidly becoming our version of sspx’s Williamson…

  • Fr. Frank

    Am I the only guy who sincerely hopes the Holy Father will go totally flipping “Django Unchained” before he leaves? It would be beyond marvelous if he would announce canonical proceedings against Mahoney the minute he steps off the plane in Rome. Then it can be announced that Gomez has already been made a cardinal “in pectore” along with Chaput and a couple others. Since Mahoney would not be an elector after he’s been deprived of his red hat, he could be flown back to LA and frog-marched before the media cameras through the front doors of the LA County Jail.

  • Humiliation can lead to humility, but they are certainly not the same thing. Trying to go from humiliation to humility without passing through repentance is “You can’t get there from here”

    • IC

      Amen, Jeff. Well said.

  • Dale Price

    I am getting great insight into how the LA Archdiocese got into the condition it is in, I’ll say that.

    Wow. Just…wow.

    And the comparison to how the LCs responded to the silencing/penance of Maciel is striking.

  • WesleyD

    I’m certainly no fan of Mahony. And I would not like to see any Cardinal use his diplomatic privileges to avoid prosecution for crimes against his flock.

    However, I must differ with you regarding your wish that a prison sentence would cause him to miss the conclave. This would set a very dangerous precedent, and it’s the main reason that cardinals should have diplomatic immunity (as they are technically citizens of the Vatican city-state). Allowing national governments to imprison a cardinal and thus prevent him from attending a conclave is a bad thing, which used to be done far too often by European governments (even Catholic ones).

    • Mark Shea

      THe man deserves to be in prison. That it might happen during the conclave is just luck.

    • jollyroger

      Welllll– the Vatican has a jail too ya’know.

  • freddy

    The man deserves to be in jail.
    We deserve him as our next Pope.
    God often doesn’t give us what we deserve. Deo gratias!

  • I seriously hope the Pope strips Mahony of his conclave voting privileges before he leaves office. I’d be content with Mahony not going to jail (and realistically, he’s not) if this would just happen. The press is distracted by other things right now, but they will end up making a big stink about it for sure when Mahony arrives for the conclave.

    And how fair is it that this pathetic specimen gets to vote in the conclave and someone like Archbp Chaput does not?!!

  • Oregon Catholic

    When I was reading his unhumble take on his humiliations I was instantly reminded of similar stories I would hear from newbies in AA meetings who were just beginning to get sober and see a little of the destruction they had wrought. They were literally ‘high’ on starting to see the light but still narcissistically all wrapped up in themselves. I speak from personal experience too btw. Some go on to truly get humbled (not humiliated – sheesh I can hardly believe a cardinal doesn’t know the difference) so there is hope for him yet. But some never do and when the peace and joy, that they are sure they are going to grasp thru their own efforts is just around the corner, never comes they get angry and drunk again. Time will tell.

  • Tom McDonald

    A correction: A whole lot of you commenters are misspelling Mahony by including an “e.” There is no “e” in Mahony. However there are, apparently, an unending string of “I”s.

  • I left LA 25+ years ago, so did not have direct experience of Mahony, but, oddly, when I first visited his cathedral a couple years ago, I wrote: “the enormous (in every sense) building night make a decent modern art museum. Perhaps grotesque installations representing the bloated egos of the people who, uninhibited by taste and deaf to the sensibilities of the people, wasted a couple 100 million on this monument to self glorificatiion could be displayed there – if they could fit.”

    Hmmm. Actually wasn’t taking a pot-shot at Mahony – I really didn’t know who was responsible – but, in retrospect…

  • Bill M.

    What part of nunc dimmitis don’t you understand, Your Eminence?

  • Flovert Colas

    I hope he doesn’t vote but I’m also glad Chaput won’t be. We’ve had enough of jerks like Baloney and neo-cons like Chaput. The latter enables the former with their devotion to John Courtney Murray

  • Flovert Colas

    I hope he doesn’t vote but I’m also glad Chaput won’t be. We’ve had enough of jerks like Baloney and neo-cons like Chaput. The latter enables the former with their devotion to John Courtney Murray..

    • Cinlef

      Wait your blaming Dignitatis Humanae for Cardinal Mahony? Though I suspect I’ll regret asking, how does that make any sense?

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Chaput’s a neo-con? Who knew?

  • Flovert Colas

    that’s backwards!

  • Mark

    Wow. Can this man be any more self-serving? Stroking his own ego by directing our attention to his posturing humility (“look at me, I’m called to go *beyond* serving Christ in humility… but, um, I’m not at the level yet where I can pray for more humiliation”); while backhandedly accusing those who are disgusted by his actions of somehow doing him wrong (“Thanks to God’s special grace, I’m able to forgive you”). Heh. Yeah, may God have mercy indeed.

  • On the other hand, I doubt I have the strength of character to endure 20 years in an environment with the bootlicking and toadying set to “Cardinal Archbishop” without internalizing what a swell fellow I was. (Heck, as it is I think I’m pretty swell, and the only toadying I get is when my wife says I’m easier to live with than our teenagers.)

    The AA newbie analogy may have something to it; perhaps we’re seeing the effects of a withdrawal from obsequience.

    And while there’s little to admire in that post, we whose sins and failings are still largely private might be better off giving thanks to God for the tiny bits of growth and self-awareness that glint out from the self-regard.

  • Chris R

    Mark, as a fellow Catholic, and a devout one, I can only say I am ashamed at this post of yours. I think it’s time that you do a little soul-searching, and conduct a good examination of conscience. Take a look again at your words concerning the Cardinal, and then at the conversations it generated, and the attitudes and comments that you encourage by such expressions of your opinions and your judgements of others. Read the Church’s teachings again on such things, and realize that this type of behavior and speech is SINFUL.

  • Bill

    Mark is dead on correct here Chris. Calling a spade a spade is not the same as detracting Mahony

    • Chris R

      Mark may very well be right. I do not object to his opinion. I object to his expressing such a pointless opinion. Mark must think he is free to say whatever he wishes about the Cardinal, and even engage in a little white cursing to drive the point home.
      Obviously he needs to be reminded that sometimes calling a spade a spade can be sinful, wishing ill to others is sinful, and giving scandal by presenting oneself as a Catholic while doing so is worst of all.

      • Subsistent

        Mr. Shea wrote that Cdl. Mahony ” deserves to be in prison.” This is not the same as cursingly wishing him in prison. The Eucharistic liturgy has sometimes mentioned “what we truly deserve”. Is this the same as wishing ourselves to get what we truly deserve? On the contrary, we there ask God to forgive us and NOT punish us as we deserve, n’est-ce pas?

        • Chris R

          “It’s really a pity Mahony will not be in jail for the conclave. God’s ways are not my ways.” – Mark Shea

          • Subsistent

            Altho I’m against any extended jail or prison term for Mahony, even if he were younger, I think a few days’ incarceration, with its substantial, not just rhetorical, humiliation, would serve as a deterrent to other actually or potentially irresponsible American bishops.
            Further, in saying that “God’s ways are not my ways”, Mr. Shea as I see it has apparently admitted that God Himself does not want Mahoney incarcerated at this time at least.

            • Chris R

              What we think about Mahoney, what Mark thinks about Mahoney, is irrelevant when it comes to HOW we speak of him, and how we lead others to do the same. Are we Christians, or just the Catholic version of political hacks?

  • Fr. Frank

    I do not believe Mark is wishing ill to others in desiring Cardinal Mahony’s arrest. He passionately desires justice for the children whose souls have been murdered as a result of clerical rape and episcopal maneuvering.

    As for “a little white cursing,” please be careful not to read the Epistle to the Philippians (especially the 3rd chapter) in the original Greek. St. Paul’s use of a colloquial term for feces with surely scandalize you.

    • enness

      In fact, I’m not sure jail time necessarily does a person ill. It might be the best thing that could happen to someone like this.

    • Chris R

      At first, I thought Mark was frustrated and spouting off. After all, Mahoney has alot to answer for, doctrinally, liturgically, politically, now morally. But, after reading more of Mark’s posts concerning Mahoney, as well as some of his other posts in which he disparages fellow Catholics in sweeping generalizations and judgements, I think the problem here is more fundamental than a passionate desire for justice. Perhaps a little application of St. Paul’s teachings on the nature of charity is in order here, at least if he desires to keep the title of “Catholic” a credible one. Without some correction in this mannerism,he is no part of evangilization. He is little more than a “clashing cymbol”.

  • tz

    Remember that along with the Mitre, the office has, symbolically or worse, well lets say bishops are crooks.

    What we should worry (at least in a proper way) or pray about is not whether he is jailed or otherwise, but whether his actions amount to a mortal sin – it is hard for bishops to be ignorant, and their position lets them express their will. A jail or prison they will one day leave. Not so Gehenna.

    Cue “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble, if you’re perfect in every way”. Perhaps they can use it at the entrance hymn at the cathedral.

    I suspect that not infrequently people pray for our Lord to reveal their flaws, sins, errors, and blindingly bright flashing neon signs appear in the form of persons, yet the only problem seen is in the person there and the true mirror they are holding reflecting your image.

  • Maureen

    We are called to be merciful, because God is merciful. It is shameful that such hateful comments are written about a Cardinal, whoever he may be. We are called to love our enemies, and that is only possible on a supernatural level…that is to respond to God’s grace. If Cardinal Mahoney is your enemy, you are called to love him….and that means to desire his good. Examine your own conscience. Pray for him.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      It is possible to love him, pray for him, be merciful to him, and still think he belongs in jail.